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Do you condone this kind of behaviour at parks?

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Interested to hear what other theme park buffs think about this guy:


Essentially he started his day by swindling a random hotel's staff into letting him have a shower and a coffee before essentially waiting for an opportune moment (read: waiting for staff to be distracted) before sneaking into the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. From there, he conned staff into giving him a Fastpass onto a ride (he had no ticket so he had to sweet talk his way into jumping the queue) and finally wrapped his day by scoring a free bed from a chick on Tinder.

What's your thoughts on doing stuff like this? I think this guy is a proper wanker and gives YouTube creators a bad name.

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Interesting one... part of me hates that this guy is basically a con man. But nothing he is doing is hurting anyone. Sneaking into the park without paying is poor form and I wouldn’t condone that for a second, but I’d have been much more concerned had he done so without going thru security screening etc as that would have really put some security failures in open view. As for the hotel and the fast pass - I have no real issue - he’s talked his way into a few benefits, no difference to chick flirting with a cop to avoid a ticket, or me being super complimentary to the girl at my local Carvery shop so I get extra pork crackling... It’s unfair that everyone can’t do it - but that’s life. I don’t think he’s giving anyone a bad name, other than himself for those who will chastise him for his actions. If he’d paid for entry - I’d have no problem with what he’d done. 

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6 hours ago, Brad2912 said:

I’m also amazing that the ride was booked out a month in advance for fast pass access?? WTF? How long are the bloody iconic rides booked out for in that case? 

With Disney World, you're able to book your fastpass in advance which is a bullshit system. I much prefer Disneylands fastpass system.


2 hours ago, westical said:

Which ride?

Seven Dwarfs Mine Ride is a really amazing family coaster with tilting carriages and dark indoor sections, I didn't get a chance to go on it when I was there because the line was 2 hours long and about 20 minutes into waiting, the ride broke so we gave up. I can see why it's so popular though.

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