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RCT Park Building & Park Exchange...

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Hello All... Who of you guys are talented in creating breathtaking parks in RCT2??? Well for those who want to share their work I thought we can open our own Park Exchange!! I'm currently working on a park called. Adventure Park..... It concists of 4 sections which are: Greater West, Port Carrabian, Forbidden Valley & Adventure City...... Below is a screenshot I took in the early stages of the construction... Its located in the Greater West part of the park. It looks allot different now.. To the left is a Show Arena, Right of it is the Double Level Carousel, And Top Left is the Food Area.... Would like to know what you guys think........ :)

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I'm working on a new park at the moment. So far its home to a Wild West (with a Wooden Coaster, boat ride and Impulse coaster), Technology centre, (3 launched coasters and a variety of flat rides) Spooky theme (Intamin Jr coaster and two haunted houses) Beach Party (B&M Invert, MACK wild mouse) & Jungle theme (Terrain Floorless). Its also home to a railway, monorail, tree lined plazas and all the other stuff you need to keep the peeps happy :)

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