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Upcoming Jamberoo Addition - Speculation

Upcoming Jamberoo Addition - Speculation  

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  1. 1. What do you think is most likely to be "coming soon" to Jamberoo?

    • An 'enhancement' (i.e. ride upgrades, non-major additions)
    • A 'development' - 'Emu Mountain Rapids'
    • A 'development' - 'Thunder Downunder'
    • A 'development' - 'Newly proposed $6.5 million large major custom-designed hybrid world-first ride'
    • A 'development' - Other

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(Hopefully) 2 months of speculation to begin!

This is all Jamberoo has released so far as of yesterday on social media (along with a "#comingsoon"):

Image may contain: text

Here are some points based on currently known information:

On 18/05/2018 at 6:54 PM, Jamberoo Fan said:

Since Jamberoo is trying to build hype, I'd say this is a 'development' year.

Based on the image's theme, it looks like it is a thrill ride. The 'newly proposed $6.5 million large major custom-designed hybrid world-first ride', as far as I know, has not had a new development application submitted for it yet so for now, it seems unlikely to be that ride. This means it is most likely Thunder Downunder or Emu Mountain Rapids being built next out of the proposed Kangaroo Island attractions as they are the only proposed thrill rides left and they do have approved development applications. But which one would it be? Thunder Downunder or Emu Mountain Rapids?

The original Kangaroo Island expansion timetable was this (rides operating are bolded):

  1. Funnel Web & Banjo's Billabong (2012)
  2. Koala Creek & Platypus River (2014)
  3. The Perfect Storm Thunder Downunder (2016)
  4. Emu Mountain Rapids (2018)

The actual expansion has occurred as follows though:

  1. Funnel Web & Banjo's Billabong (2012)
  2. The Perfect Storm (2016)

Since Koala Creek is unlikely to be the new addition being promoted as it is not a thrill ride, they could be finishing 'Stage 3' (which currently has become 'Stage 2' due to The Perfect Storm opening), which would mean Thunder Downunder would be built next or they could be going straight to 'Stage 4' which is what they originally planned to have opened in 2018 - that being Emu Mountain Rapids. Due to Emu Mountain Rapids consisting of 2 slides (1 with a Tantrum Alley), I meant in that previous quote " is very unlikely that at least half of it (hopefully the Tantrum Alley half) will go ahead now...". But without a DA submitted for the 'newly proposed $6.5 million large major custom-designed hybrid world-first ride', Emu Mountain Rapids is less likely now to have the Tantrum Alley removed. Both Thunder Downunder & Emu Mountain Rapids could be rethemed from it's originally designated themes.

Based on the image, the theme seems to be based on a creature. A creature's eye can be seen in the lower left corner of the image above. Jamberoo particularly focuses on Australian fauna for theming so that may give an idea of which creature it could be. Due to how much of the image the eye takes up, I'm not 100% sure what the creature is though.

Jamberoo's last major addition, The Perfect Storm, was announced very shortly after the first teaser of that ride was released so speculate while you can!

So the main questions for now are:

  • Is this an 'enhancement' or a 'development'?
  • If a 'development', which proposed Kangaroo Island attraction is being built - Thunder Downunder or Emu Mountain Rapids?
  • Are they getting rethemed from their original themes?
  • If so, what is the theme?
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Jamberoo released another 'teaser' on social media yesterday:

Image may contain: text

The image now shows theming from the already opened Funnel Web and The Perfect Storm. This could be a clear indication that the new addition will be part of the Kangaroo Island precinct, which is where those 2 rides are located.

The fact that the new theming eclipses the Funnel Web and The Perfect Storm theming in the above image could indicate that whatever is "ready" may be heaps bigger than those 2 rides (maybe even combined?). If this is correct, it would be astounding given both rides are current world-record holders (Funnel Web shares a world record with Adventure World's Kraken for world's longest/largest Tornado).

Emu Mountain Rapids would most likely fit the above possibility given it is proposed as 2 different but separate rides (even if it contains a Tantrum Alley, which The Perfect Storm already has). However, in it's current proposed design, as far as I know, it is not world record-breaking.  

Both of the theming from Funnel Web and The Perfect Storm are also located inside the eye of the creature in the image. I'm unsure if this has any significance though and if it does, it most likely refers to the location and/or the size of the new addition as I mentioned above.

Jamberoo also stated they are "feeling ready" and to "#staytuned just a few more days...".

Jamberoo's 2018/2019 season passes are due to go on sale in August so an announcement could be due on Wednesday the 1st of August. Exciting times ahead...

...unless all this 'hype' is just for their season passes.

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It's probably nothing or something i have overlooked but just looking at the Jamberoo Wikipedia page and this caught my eye


Since when does Jamberoo have a roller coaster? Or am I missing something? The page was last edited on 9 June 2018 and i don't recall ever having seen a roller coaster listed on the page.

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6 hours ago, DJKostya said:

Since when does Jamberoo have a roller coaster? Or am I missing something?

They never have had a proper 'rollercoaster'. It is very likely referring to Bobsled as @strop suggested.

Anyway, time to 'kill the speculation'. Jamberoo's 2018/2019 season passes went on sale in the past few hours hence a television commercial campaign has begun:

Well it wasn't Emu Mountain Rapids but Jamberoo's other two-slide ride. If you haven't figured it out now, in the 1st social media image, the eye was from a creature known as a taipan hence referring to The Taipan (Thought it looked familar!). The taipan's eye was next to an aerial view of the centre of a tornado hence referring to The Perfect Storm. Essentially, there is no 'development' or 'enhancement' this upcoming season. Jamberoo was just promoting their "trilogy of tube slides":


Drop into the Darkness at Jamberoo between September and April and experience a trilogy of tube rides – all with an element of darkness, anticipation, enhanced thrills and excitement!
The Perfect Storm - drop into The Eye of the Storm
The Funnel Web – drop into The Spider’s Lair
The Taipan – drop into The Belly of the Snake

This all formed part of their 2018/2019 season pass marketing campaign. No doubt a lot of people are going to be disappointed at the prospect of no new ride this season (especially the hundreds of people on social media who anticipated such a new ride). 

Whilst the taipan's eye is very similar to the eyes seen on the actual ride, as far as I know, this version (seen in the social media images) has never been used in Jamberoo's marketing before. If I originally knew The Taipan was the ride originally being promoted, I would have expected the cartoon taipan to be used (similar to the funnel web spider and storm scene used in the 2nd social media image).

The taipan's eye next to the tornado could also be mistaken for the eye of a bird (like an eagle) hence hinting a possible new ride.

Given they didn't promote their "trilogy of tube slides" last season like they are now, could this marketing campaign be signalling the end of development of new tube slides at Jamberoo? Emu Mountain Rapids could have been the last tube slides to be built at Jamberoo (unless Thunder Downunder counts as a "tube slide"?) but the possibility has now returned that it is being replaced by Jamberoo's 'newly proposed $6.5 million large major custom-designed hybrid world-first ride', which hasn't yet been confirmed as a "tube slide" (though a type of hybrid waterslide is highly expected).

In the end, this 6 day social media campaign was a brilliant marketing campaign. Jamberoo never directly said that a new ride was coming soon. They built hype, anticipation and speculation & in the end, it was just season passes. And what was "ready"? Well, the park is.

Let's just hope there have been some 'enchancements' for the upcoming season!

Update: Jamberoo has just announced the 2018/2019 Dive-In Movies schedule:

  1. Saturday the 29th of December 2018 - The Jungle Bunch
  2. Saturday the 5th of January 2019 - Monster Family
  3. Saturday the 12th of January 2019 - Early Man
  4. Saturday the 19th of January 2019 - Sherlock Gnomes
  5. Saturday the 26th of January 2019 - Tad The Lost Explorer & The Secret Of King Midas
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Added 'Dive-In Movies' 2018/2019 Schedule
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Bugger!! I was hoping for news of another new ride this year.....fingers crossed that it may still emerge, although unlikely. at this stage. If so they would be teasing the hell out of it! 

Very effective- it  certainly fueled speculation! Will be looking forward to visiting once again in February to check out any changes or new enhancements  for this season!!

Keep up the good work @Jamberoo Fan!!

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The latest Google Earth satellite image of Jamberoo Action Park does contain The Perfect Storm. It is from the 8th of April 2017. However, that image contains a fair amount of cloud even though you can still Jamberoo's rides and attractions in the image. Try the 'Historical Imagery' function on Google Earth to get satellite images of Jamberoo from the 24th of February 2016 onwards.

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