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New General Manager for Sales and Marketing

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Another piece of news, fresh off the press, that I don't think's quite front page-worthy.

Dreamworld CEO Stephen Gregg today announced the appointment of Paul Sergeant as the Gold Coast theme park's new General Manager of Sales and Marketing. Mr Sergeant is currently Director and Manager for Brisbane based ad agency, Engine Creative, and will take up his new position at Dreamworld on June 21, 2004. His career spans more than 20 years in tourism marketing including executive appointments with the Sheraton Group in Australia and South East Asia. "We are delighted to welcome Paul to add value to our already strong marketing team," said Mr Gregg. "He brings to the park a wealth of experience in consumer and leisure marketing, particularly in the international markets where he has spent a lot of his career. "Paul has constantly sought to stay abreast of the latest marketing trends, in particular the online environment which will considerably enhance Dreamworld's already strong online presence." Accepting the position, Mr Sergeant said he was looking forward to getting back to the coal face of the tourism industry. "Dreamworld has always been an Australian tourism icon and there is still enormous opportunity for growth. "I see this as a fantastic opportunity." Australia's largest theme park, Dreamworld is home to some of the tallest and fastest rides in the world, Nick Central, Tiger Island, the Australian Wildlife Experience, Big Brother and lots more.
My suggestion at this stage would be that this guy's going to hit the ground running and play the "bring in heaps of new and fresh ideas" card. I'd say look out some quality ad campaigns when the time comes later in the year.
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Great news. Sounds like this guy couldn't be more suitable to the position. It will be good to see DW's website get a bit of an overhaul too. I'm also glad that Dreamworld is now able to claim the title of 'Australia's largest theme park'. Wonderland was using that tag but they did not deserve it as it was more to do with the size of the land rather than number of attractions

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