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 I gotta say I'm pretty disappointed with these updates. I understand why they can't upgrade significantly given the expensive upkeep for their older rides but what they're doing now doesn't really change the fact that LPM is piss weak in it's current state. At least LPS is trying harder, despite some hurdles.

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Quick update to Luna Park Melbourne:

The aforementioned new kids rides are now installed in park and will be unveiled in the coming weeks.

The spinning coaster appears to be , as previous speculation surmised, a clone of the SBF Visa spinner at Adventure Park in Geelong. This has yet to be confirmed , however.The LPM unit will be called  Speedy Beetle.


The other new ride is a kids Ferris Wheel called Moon Balloons.


What is good to note is that neither of these rides are replacing any existing  attractions- these are completely new ride installs. It would not have been unreasonable to expect that the Silly Serpent may have been updated or one of the older kids rides but this will not be the case.

The park cannot confirm at this time whether any seasonal rides will be located in the park for this summer period.

Not a huge update but its always nice to see new additions in any park. Younger families will most certainly  find them pleasing when visiting LPM

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Coaster - looks like they've taken inspiration from the bug run at Aussie World.

Meanwhile, someone should be showing Dreamworld this is how you do a kiddie ferris wheel - not with a crapshack of hot-house inducing perspex.

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