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Luna Park Melbourne update

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5 hours ago, Jobe said:

Hehehe....havent ridden Pandamonium yet so will let you know what I think of the ride experience. Going to Dreamworld  in January for the first time in 6 years so will definitely give it a whirl. They certainly do LOOK nauseating.

The Huss Giant Jumper is a beast of a ride and I would LOVE to see one in Australia but I am thinking it would be a bit big to install in LPM. All the same , its a shame that no other park other than Canada's Wonderland has picked one of these up. The opportunity to ride this is another reason why Canada's Wonderland holds so much attraction. From what I have read though, this ride had notorious reliability issues- not sure if these have been resolved?



When you ride Pandamonium, before you get on, watch the carriages carefully. There will be two (opposite each other) that operate more swiftly than the others do. When the cars do the change over swing, it is these two cars that you want to be riding on as they switch back the other way every single time and give the most exhilarating experience! Often most the others won't. 

I love/hate this ride. LOVE IT for the thrills and the G's. HATE IT for the headache it often gives me after 😊


Oh and Movie World, you need to put in a HUSS Super Jump if LP won't... and... STAT!


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I literally had to check only then if Super Jumps were still in production and they somehow still are despite having only one installation.

If Vortex turns out to be successful, maybe VRTP will turn to Huss again and build a Super Jump at MW. Only time will tell. Can't see LPM getting a ride like this past the council DA that's probably incredibly strict, let alone buying a ride this size.

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Just now, Jobe said:

Wow mate. Never thought I would hear the day where you dissed a Huss product!!! 😳

Haha it's not true HUSS, its like this crap division that totally ruined the brand. Even their newer Break Dances are average, HUSS BREMEN were king! HUSS PARK ATTRACTIONS are not, I think theyre totally out of touch with todays machines. In saying that their Suspended Top Spin is insanely fun! Much more fluid and exciting that the mess that was Wipeout! Sometimes less is more, and those independently moving arms did that machine no favours!

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17 hours ago, Jobe said:


Either way, its a moot point. LPM have confirmed that this space will eventually be the home of a 2nd coasteThey have signalled that this is their intention and that , although there is no timeframe for this at the present time, they have been investigating options for the site.

It wasn't speedy beetle was it?

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  • 3 months later...

Update for Luna Park Melbourne- they have just installed a new permanent ride in time for the Summer school holidays.

They have installed a Skyflyer called Supernova.


Image may contain: sky, cloud and outdoor

For the young ones they also have a new attraction called the Happy Swing. 


Both attractions should prove popular with their respective target audiences and are great additions to Luna Park's lineup.

Its great to see that LPM are committed to refreshing their ride line up after a decade of stagnation. 

Now if we could just get installed that 2nd coaster, things would really be looking up......

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33 minutes ago, Rabbit2014 said:

Only down side for their skyflyer is it’s height restrictions  

140cm minimum height or 110-140cm can ride if they ride with an adult

seaworld skyflyer is 120cm minimum 


but it is great to see new permanent attractions

Then isnt the LPM model superior to the Seaworld model as the LPM restrictions are 110cm to ride with an adult whereas Seaworld's is 120cm to ride with an adult? Doesnt seem like a down side to me..........

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