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Great Escape Replacment announced

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With the announcement and demolshment of the great escape last year seems a great new announcement of what’s to come. This looks 1000% better than the old park which did have a lot of aging 90s slides. 

Will be good to see how it turns out. Photos are in the link. Phone wouldn’t let me upload them here.

Article credit to Perth Now: https://www.perthnow.com.au/news/wa/pirate-adventure-themed-golf-course-and-surf-machine-planned-for-former-great-escape-site-at-hillarys-boat-harbour-ng-b88957761z



AN ANIMATED, pirate adventure-themed golf course and surf machine are expected to emerge from the former site of the Great Escape water slide park at Hillarys Boat Harbour by the end of next year.

If approved, Wyllie Group said construction of the $5 million high-tech park — to include a pirate galleon ship, lagoons and an erupting volcano — would start within months.

Wyllie Group has struck a deal with a local family company, Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf, which has links to British theme park group InterPark.

Pirate’s Cove will build and operate two pirate adventure 18-hole golf courses and a Double FlowRider surf machine, with a cafe, small bar and beach kiosk.

Wyllie Group’s chief operating officer Todd Morcombe said that subject to WA Planning Commission approval, the development would add an exciting entertainment attraction to Hillarys Boat Harbour.

The proposed Hillarys Boat Harbour adventure golf concept, which attracts 130 million players in the US each year, will be an Australian first.

The Double FlowRider surf machine will be a Perth first.

McGees Property commercial director Peter Duffield said Wyllie Group hoped its family friendly tropical-themed park would double the 10km catchment of the much-loved northern suburbs Great Escape water slides. 

Pirate’s Cove director Ben Gorvin said the adventure golf park, hugely popular in the US and Britain, could be rolled out around the country in the longer term. 

“It’s a fun, theatrical experience,” he said.

The Department of Transport and City of Joondalup are said to be supporting the plan, which was designed to create a year-round tourism drawcard.

Under the tentative timetable for the three-stage development, the adventure golf would open in March, the cafe, small bar and beach kiosk in April and the Double FlowRider surf machine would be running from October.

Pirate’s Cove Adventure Golf would be fully operational before next year’s summer holidays.


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