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Dreamworld's i-Ride: Ardent Leisure registers 'SkyRyder' trademark

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40 minutes ago, AlexB said:

I don't really think you're being fair here. Sure - getting the right combination into google produced a porn star.

Yeah some real manipulation of searches for it to appear right up top for a search for "sky ryder". Like all things Google it'll vary user to user but it was the first thing that came up for me and I figured it was funny enough point to write a few words about. 


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I've had quite the offline discussion about this. I've tried firefox, explorer, firefox nightly incognito, safari, and the ios google app - not one of them returns this result.

I've asked quite a few people if they could get it to happen - so far, nobody outside of Parkz staff has told me they got it that way.

let me be clear - i'm not suggesting its shopped, faked or otherwise not real. I believe you got it to happen that way, and i believe other parkz staff could too (one could suggest perhaps the google profiles of Parkz staff could do with a cleanout, but one won't because a. it'd be a poor taste joke, and b. thats below the belt) I'm just saying it seems to be a very small group that could get that particular result, which leads me to my view that its probably an overly reaching statement to base a headline on "park names ride after porn star" if i may paraphrase.

"Writing a few words on it" and "lambasting the park for another misstep in a series of missteps" is a far cry, especially when, in all likelihood, nobody within Ardent or Dreamworld could reproduce the search results you've gotten, and therefore they weren't to know, because there are more than 60 Million search hits for your search alone, and since its spelled differently, they probably wouldn't have found it - and nor would their target (family) market.


Edit: i found someone outside of parkz staff able to replicate it - although the porn star is below the sky sports headlines instead of above.

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found someone!
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After watching Richard's capture - i tried to replicate and did indeed get the same.


The fact that the article says 'first result' is technically true, but when you have to scroll past a page of news feed results first, you don't see it on anything smaller than an iphone plus without scrolling.

Its still funny, but I think its still a long bow to criticise the park.

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I agree with AlexB here but the main thing I had an issue with was, did you really need to name some of her works? Just pointing out that a ride is named after her is one thing but I really wasn't ever expecting to see the words "Blow Me Sandwich 14" or anything similar in a Parkz article.


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We never expected Dreamworld to spell Ryder the same way as a porn star. It's funny how life works out.


Not every article needs to be the most serious thing. This topic lends itself to being more light hearted in tone. There's a reason the funny titles were given rather than the straight up pornographic. I get that Blow me Sandwich 14 is an odd series of words to encounter in a Parkz article but such is life I guess.

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Ok fair enough. I understand the play on words and that it was a joke. However it still felt like you were bashing on Dreamworld and kicking them when there already down. I know there is nothing positive noteworthy to write about Dreamworld. After seeing some of the comments on Facebook it is obvious people enjoyed the read but I didn't nor did I find it that funny. 

@joz I appreciate the effort in mixing up the articles and agree not every article needs to be serious. 

Lols sorry to go all... https://media.giphy.com/media/hmzZkvOJPLQti/200.gif


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  • "getting on in years"
  • "Scooby fire eyes"
  • "fuschia"
  • "themeing... lolz"
  • "darkride walkthrough monorails"
  • "sea screw cork viper"

<edit - add new>


>If "new ride name" = "announced"

>then *google* "new ride name" + "porn"

>if *google result* = "porn star"

>then *display* "pornstar name and acting credits" + "lulz"

I predict every newly announced ride name will now be checked for Porn connections when posted to these forums.

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