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Age Limit on The Giant Drop

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I would have asked guest services, but it has been that way for at least a couple months now.

How does a ride attendant differentiate between a 9 and 10 year old? Simple answer - they can’t, and guest honesty can’t be relied upon for safety - so therefore it can’t be a safety decision in terms of the ride operation. 

My guess would be it’s a a random number chosen that signifies a general mental capacity and ability to handle a evac or emergency situation independently 

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18 hours ago, liz.wis said:

We went to Dreamworld on Sunday, and notice they've put an age limit on Giant Drop.  Now only for riders over 10.  My 9-year-old, who has been riding it since she was 8, was wildly unimpressed.  Any ideas as to why they might have done this?

Just say she is 10 and make up a random birthday in 2008. Sometimes there are those very curious operators that no one likes though.

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21 hours ago, Gold Coast Amusement Force said:

This has been in place for a long while now. Probably just the mental capacity to be able to handle yourself at the top when you are frightened and not have a panic attack or faint.

I'm far more likely to have a panic attack than her haha.  It is what it is, we probably won't be back til after she's 10 anyway, was just pondering on their reasoning, as like the previous poster said, they couldn't rely on public honesty for safety reasons.

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