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Hi there,

I am taking my family to the Gold Coast before my eldest moves out and away for school full-time next year and was planning on heading to MovieWorld and Wet'n'Wild at Christmas/New Years time but I realise it is school holiday time and that it will be busy. I'm wondering if there is any particularly quieter days during that period of time and what to pack for each of these parks. Also is the Wet'n'Wild Cabana worth renting for a day or is is better to hire a leisure lounge as my partner and I are just wanting to be there for the kids but not very big on participating on the rides as the kids as they are old enough to take care of themselves. 


**I will be there the weekend before Christmas and the first week of January 2018

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The first Monday Tuesday Wednesday after boxing day will be the busiest days of the year. Best advice would be go the 2 days before Christmas, or hold out until after the new year. Keep an eye out for extended hours at WnW, go on an overcast day, and get there before opening.

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Hi Annabelle!

Welcome to Parkz!

Traditionally, in the period you have available, the quietest period is just before christmas. Boxing day is traditionally a day where holidays start \ any promotional events, attractions and activities start - and these days are usually the busiest of the year...

Bear in mind you might miss out on certain offerings that don't start until the 26th.

it will still be busy due to school holidays already starting, and the plethora of annual passholders who visit just because its a cheap day out for them.

WnW is best attended first thing in the morning - and you can do without a cabana or premium lounge option if you're happy to grab a spot early. Be wise about the spot you pick - work out the sun's path across the day and choose appropriately based on whether you want full sun, full shade, or grab a spot in one of the non-premium shaded seating areas. If you don't want to arrive early, or can't, the premium options are a way to guarantee 'your space'. It's also 'a little something special' if the trip is a one-off, or rare occurrence.

Given the ticketing options, don't write off Sea World entirely - yes, the park's current offering isn't competitive, but it still offers things to do - and might be worth combining with a 'half day at the beach' or other time spent in surfers. The money you save on a cabana could also go towards an animal experience, if you're so inclined.

Finally - thankyou for actually including the dates you're visiting and the time you have - many questions like this don't, which makes it harder without follow up questions to answer you. Hope the family has a great holiday!

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Usually all of December before Christmas is quiet, and Boxing Day can even have reasonable crowds, but after that until mid January is always crazy. So I highly recommend going to the parks before Christmas.

I think hiring a cabana while isn’t the cheapest option, would probably be a good decision for you, if you aren’t big on thrills.

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