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    • By Smol bean
      Here’s a place to show everyone funny theme park videos you stumble on while scrolling through YouTube here is one of my favorite funny theme park videos 
    • By Smol bean
      I just thought of marking a place for us to share stories from Theme parks whether they’re insane, scary or happy share them here. Here’s one from theme parks me I remember going into hot wheels sidewinder just to look at the queue because I was too scared to go on it

      Don’t know what’s going on with the photos so just try your best to ignore it thanks
    • By pushbutton
      It's recently become more and more apparent to me that all theme park companies need an employee with appropriate experience and knowledge to do the following. Large chunks of this are not being done currently at any of the Queensland parks, or are being done by people  without adequate knowledge, resources or authority, making the customer experience far less valuable than it should be.
      I believe Disney has employees they call "Imagineers", and their responsibilities are probably somewhat similar to this.
      *Conduct frequent, randomly timed checks on the customer experience through carrying out a combination of audits including personal experience of all rides, other attractions, shows, guest facilities, shops, food outlets, and walk-throughs of the park environments to assess their quality, cleanliness, maintenance, and operation, as well as staff interaction with guests, and general performance of their roles in adding to the guest experience.
      *Coordinate 3rd parties to carry out similar checks covertly, and collate the results.
      *Gain insights from guests at the park and online on their experiences.
      *Gain insights from staff including ride operators, retail and hospitality staff, and entertainers  on anything they feel could be improved to add to the guest experience.
      *In all of these checks, the primary focus should be on how much fun the ride is, how well it fits into the theme of the park, and the area, and how well the story is told on each ride.
      *Use knowledge of ride operations, theatre, retail and food operations, as well as developments in international tourism to research solutions to issues found, and improvements.
      *Liaise with managers and contractors whenever any significant alterations or additions to the park are carried out, to ensure such work is done in such a way as to maximise the guest experience.
      *Provide regular feedback to park managers and executives on the findings of these checks, and recommendations for improvements to rides, environment, and training which could add to the guest experience at the park.
      Anyway, there might be more to add, but that sums up the role I think.
      Examples of why the parks need someone in such a position:
      2 recent major changes at Queensland parks show examples of why this position is needed:
      Scooby-Doo Spooky Coaster "Next Generation", and the numerous issues that have been discussed at length about it in these forums.
      Sky Voyager, which while in my opinion is fantastic, has very obvious flaws and gaps in its presentation which could  have been avoided by having such a person involved in its development.
    • By PatLunaParkFan89
      I'm currently doing research on Luna Park Melbourne's history and am trying to find some old photographs of the park from the 20th century. Google Images and Facebook have some images but I am trying to find some of the attractions such as the Giggle Palace, River Caves, Big Dipper, Jack & Jill, and the Rotor. Does anyone have any pictures available that could help me or know anyone I could talk to?
    • By Musclethorpe
      A while ago I reached out on here for any helpful info about theme parks to assist me in writing an animated comedy pilot about a run-down Aussie amusement park.
      I’m excited to share that the first episode has been written and we are looking for people who want to be involved through Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2SzSI6K
      The link shows a short preview of the comedy (There’s a roller coaster called the Red-bellied Black Snake!) and also has some pledge rewards that may interest anybody who wants to become a cartoon character in a show!
      Additionally, I’ve also written about my Theme Park experiences as a kid growing up in Sydney during the 80s and 90s. (Wonderland, Old Sydney Town, El Caballo Blanco, SegaWorld, Green Valley Farm, Tomteland, Fox Studios Backlot Tour and others all get a mention): http://www.pacificrock.com.au/blog/nurry-brothers-adventure-world/come-and-revisit-your-favourite-childhood-amusement-park/

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