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    • By BringADecentParkToSydney
      Was googling some things and came across this recent article;
      It seems they want to open up a 'Dungeons' somewhere here... and they want to open another Legoland Discovery Centre.
    • By pushbutton
      I thought it would be a good idea to start a thread dedicated to food and drink options in the parks. It would be great to see what people think of the current offerings at various parks, and also to hear peoples ideas on how this could be improved.
      To start it off, I visited the Dirty Harry bar at Movie World today and, whilst I do think $22 is very expensive for lunch (and that didn't include my drink) the "make your own" burritos did look tempting so I thought I'd treat myself and try the beef ones.
      It was great to be able to order a beer with my meal, as I never drink soft drinks and the only other option in most theme parks is water. I don't mind drinking water if it's free, but I do if it's $4 or even more!
      My mistake, I suppose, was ordering the beer at the same time as I ordered the food. I just thought it would be slightly more convenient to pay for both at once. I was given a pager which went off when my food was ready, so there is no reason why staff couldn't have served my drink to me at the same time. However they served it as soon as I had paid, leaving me (in their intention) to carry a drink around until my food was ready. I didn't. I left it on the bar. One woman behind the bar kept telling me "that's your drink", and seemed quite surly about it. Poor woman seemed to hate her job!
      Anyway, the pager went off and I collected a very nicely presented meal, and the beer which was still sitting on the bar for me. The first thing I noticed is the steak looked very undercooked. Granted this is a matter of opinion, and everyone has their preference on how well done steak should be.
      Not to be put off so easily, I sat down at a table and proceeded to make my own burrito! The portion size was pretty much just right. The inclusions were all very good, and it was a welcome change from the usual burgers or fish that until recently seemed to be about the only thing for lunch at any Gold Coast theme park!
      So my opinion:
      - Idea = Great
      - Steak = Probably would have been very good, but was just TOO undercooked for my liking.
      - Burritos = Felt and tasted stale, which detracted from the overall enjoyability of the meal.
      - Price / value for money = Mediocre at best in my opinion, especially as the $22 didn't include my drink. Sea World does a similar priced meal at Dockside Tavern which DOES include a beer. I am sure the same could apply here, even with steak burritos.
      Whilst I'd love to say I've found a new food addiction and will be having this new lunch offering regularly from now on, I don't feel I got a quality meal or good value for money, so sadly I won't be back to Dirty Harrys any time soon. Again though, great to see them trying new things, and hopefully it will continue to improve. Perhaps I'll give it another go when they've had more time to iron out the "teething issues"!
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