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WhiteWater World Slide Repaint

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The area marked off looks a lot bigger than what would be required to repaint STHC.   

 Side note, the EMP hills haven’t been repainted yet.

Side, Side note, DW haven’t utilised the temporary construction fences that we have come accustom to.  DW have placed orange barriers that you would normally see during road works.

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2 hours ago, Thrill Seeker said:

Could be an area to stor the trash that lies around in the maintenance yard which is supposibly a water park expansion

You think they are going to move the stuff from the maintenance yard/graveyard into the carpark? In full public view and just before the busiest time of the season?

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8 hours ago, themagician said:

Repaint is completed. Work is now happening on the magnets




And the reason for the carpark partly being sectioned off is because it’s for bus access. The bus stop is currently outside WWWs entry, when buses leave, they travel between the barricades using the left lane and cars use the right lane. 

The bus stop has been there for months now, it’s sectioned off for trucks moving the dirt from the lazy river to gold rush.

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