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Forgot to mention-

There’s now dirt mounds at blue lagoon 

Machinery at the fenced off area in www and all the land has been flattened and all of the ride parts are now gone. 

The fenced off area in the car park is just orange barricades that aren’t boxing in anything

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3 hours ago, Skeeta said:

More like this------------------------------------------


Thanks so much for that. I can certainly see some dirt at the bottom of the pool there, and it does appear to form a rather interesting pattern.

However, I have to say that the dirt in Jdude95s photo looks a lot more pure, and (if dirt can be) I almost want to say it looks cleaner too.

These are two qualities I think are extremely important in any theme park dirt.

Still. Beggars can't be choosers, as the saying goes. Although I must add they could have asked if they could have a bit from the Wet & Wild buggy track, now it's no longer needed there.

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Wipeout experienced problems all day before 4 maintenace people came to work on it. IMG_6874.thumb.JPG.73ba88abd5d260178429d8017d2863d2.JPG

New signage


RIP is still untouched


These slides are still in terrible conditionIMG_6840.thumb.JPG.065e583464e56880d667896249fdc8ab.JPG

Sky Voyager Update



This kids ride is back together after being deconstructed

TOT 2 Test Run


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7 minutes ago, themeparkaddict said:

Is it just me or does TOT look like its reaching pretty high ?

It does look like it’s going higher up the tower Thats better then the last few years

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From what I gather they simply filled in the channel, but didn't demolish the concrete walls. 

Thats going to be a nightmare if they ever decide to build in that area.


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