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Guess Where QUESTIONS ONLY - (Answers in separate thread)

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Post a photo here of something in a Queensland theme park. Something fairly obscure will probably make it interesting! 😆

Please remember to post a number also, so people can guess the answer in the separate thread. If you want,  also include a clue!

When someone guesses the right answer, please confirm that in the "Answers" thread.

Here's the first photo.



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56 minutes ago, Brad2912 said:

I like how a sign in 1981 pre-empted future drops in standards...

“Dreamworld WAS dedicated to the happiness of all people”. WAS. Not IS. 


I too find it hard to believe,  but people tell me it's no longer 1981.

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On 07/12/2018 at 12:19 PM, pushbutton said:

Don't forget to post your answer in the answers thread Gary!

nice concept. poor execution. too confusing how to play. one thread would be enough to ignore, but now i've gotta open two of them to mark them as read.

(yes, i know i can mark site as read, but i'm generally not on the unread content page by the time i get through everything)

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