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Reviews & Reactions - Scooby Doo Spooky Coaster: Next Generation


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A couple of folks have kept me up to date who are down there for the opening & suffice to say they've absolutely bungled the opening of a much hyped "new" attraction.

Firstly, their website still lists the ride as under maintenance.


Despite this, they're very much marketing it as open.


Not a great start from a communications perspective. So how has real world operations been this morning?

  • Literally no crowd control prior to that section of the park opening. Folks were pushing in front of other folks trying to get to the front of the "rope drop" to line up for Scooby.
  • Scooby is still not open (as of 11:07am) and wasn't open when guests tried to enter the ride after "rope drop."
  • Staff were turning folks away & not allowing guests to form a queue outside the ride which i'd imagine would be super frustrating for those who turned up early and waited.
  • The exit shop opens shortly after 10am and was telling folks it'd be open in the next 30 minutes, adding to the confusion of if the ride will open at all and when.
  • Staff put a "ride closed" sign at the top of the Scooby entrance and an awkward mess of people stand at the front of the ride. No staff accompanying the sign sending more mixed signals about the ride.
  • Despite Scooby Doo having an outdoor switchback queue-line that's mostly in the shade, as of 11:10am staff are ignoring guests and a messy-huge queue line is forming in the middle of the path.
  • Staff haven't  updated guests as of 11:15am despite there being a staff presence. Despite this, there's a staff member handing out Fast Photo passes.

IMO - how do you stuff up the most basic level of crowd management on opening day? 99% of other theme parks have their supervisors create a plan of attack to ensure every guest is looked after - hell, even retail outfits like Apple hand out water and speak to every customer individually to ensure everyone's in the loop, but here we have Village saying it's open on social, but it's not on the website, but it is in park, but maybe not if you talk to some shops?!

I really hoped they learnt from when they bungled the Rivals opening. Guess not.

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