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Outback Spectacular "Heartland"

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Having now seen "Heartland" twice, the second viewing has confirmed my initial thoughts on the new show. 

I get what the story is meant to be, but only from reading the descriptions online. Unlike the previous shows, it's not very clearly portrayed in the actual show. 

The projection mapping is superb as I've said previously, but it's only a visual effect which should enhance an already good show. Unfortunately as I said above, the show needs a fair bit of work. 

On both the two times I've been so far there's been either no pre-show entertainment, or if there was I found it impossible to engage with as all I could hear even before I entered the building was "BANG. BANG. BANG!" (loud thumping noises). That's in contrast to the family friendly country music, including singing, dancing, jokes and some audience participation in previous shows.

New menu ok, but personally I don't like it as much as the previous one.

Unfortunately the show still ends with "I still call Australia home", which I had hoped might have been replaced by now with something new.

Overall, the price has gone up but the quality of the overall experience has gone down somewhat. 

I did still enjoy it. Just not as much as before! 

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4 hours ago, TomiJ said:

For someone who has never been before is it worth going at the current price? Do they still have feature the helicopter? 

Yes absolutely, and yes to the helicopter too (although I'm disappointed that it now hangs still in the air for quite a few seconds, which completely spoils the illusion that it's a flying helicopter! 

Even so, it's still worth going. 

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I saw Heartland again last night. Maybe they've done some fine tuning as it seemed much easier to follow the storyline of the show. Still not as good as High Country Legends in my opinion, but not bad.

I was really hoping that by now they'd have come up with another song for the end of the show, but once again it was "I still call Australia home"! It's a great song, but there are many others that would be at least as suitable, maybe more so.

One other observation. I know I've previously commented about how good the projection mapping was, but now I'm not entirely sure there even was any.

Without a doubt there are amazing effects the way they've projected images onto both the front wall and the floor, but is it projection mapping, or just projections? Having seen some Youtube videos of Projection mapping used elsewhere, I'd say it's just projections really. Still very impressive though!

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1 hour ago, themagician said:

Adult tickets have dropped in price. General is now $100 and Top Rail is $130

Hmm. Not if you're a member of RACQ!

Oh, but the cheapest way is nearly always to get your ticket at one of the theme parks!

or at least that's what I was recently told by the lady working at the ticket booth in Movie World, and she did sell me tickets for less than I could have got them on the RACQ site. Think it was something like $80 each from memory. I think it's about $89 on RACQ.

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Discounted tickets are back on Groupon for  $85.99 (adults).

Not as cheap as it used to be but not bad.

I'd still recommend going to one of the parks to see if you can get it cheaper before you book, but it's certainly another option worthy of consideration. 

If you need a new Village pass though, you'll get a  $25 Outback Spectacular voucher with a new OnePass at the moment. 

Not quite sure but to me that sounds like you get a voucher that enables you to buy an adult ticket for  $25, which is incredibly cheap. 

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