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This is 12 days ago. Whilst I'm still not 100% convinced that Dreamworld's future lazy river is going to go past wildlife exhibits, I have since been convinced that Whitewater World is going to have wildlife exhibits added. However, if the former is actually going to happen, it seems Jamberoo's local wildlife heard about it ūüėú¬†and thought they would¬†demonstrate¬†the risk of having wildlife near a water ride (like if the enclosure fails and the wildlife somehow ends up in the water).¬† They went to The Rock first:

But Jamberoo wasn't having any of it:

Hope Dreamworld sees this.

This 'demonstration' by the snake shows:

  • Alert staff are needed (According to social media comments, Jamberoo's staff were very alert)
  • Ride's popularity immediately drops
  • Ride is immediately closed
  • Wildlife catchers called
  • Wildlife subsequently appears on social media
  • Wildlife subsequently appears in local media (or if it happened on the Gold Coast, possible state/national media)

Judging by social media comments, snakes regularly appear around Jamberoo Action Park so that probably explains the alertness of their staff.

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5 hours ago, Gold Coast Amusement Force said:

Dreamworld just get people from the corroboree...

The people from corroboree are not professional handlers of venomous snakes. Not saying no one there is trained, but the park doesn’t keep any venomous breeds, and I know for a fact they outsource to a local guy 

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Firstly - that’s a carpet python and not venomous.. and I specifically said for venomous snakes. 

I also said, that I’m not saying no one is trained there, but not every wildlife handler is a qualified snake catcher, and I know they do outsource. Tony Harrison of Gold Coast Snake Catching & Relocation is there regularly - feel free to give him a call and ask... 

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Can confirm what @Brad2912 has said, for venomous snakes they outsource and for non venomous snakes they just get Corroboree staff to assist. Movie World is much the same, but for all snakes. I still remember evacuating the whole front of the park one day due to a rather large King Brown that decided it would be great to come visit Batwing SpaceShot on my training day haha. I've never seen staff move so quickly in my life!

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