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Dreamworld Maintenance 2019


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The train is fucked, putting it lightly. The sad thing is the Baldwin steam locomotive which is also sitting in the shed can run tomorrow if there was enough will to get it going.

if the train does close,  never to reopen, well there goes an attraction that everybody can ride and enjoy. Ontop of that, with no train there is no longer any transport attractions within the park. Yeah ok not every theme park needs transport rides, movie world survives without one, but Movie World is not as spread out and is a lot more flat when compared to dreamworld. 

If Dreamworld management want someone to run the steam train for them, give me a call ;)

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I'm not too bothered about the amount of rides closed or reduced hours. I just got back from a trip around china and went to a few parks (including Shanghai Disney, HK Disney and USS) . The smaller parks such as Happy Valley have half the park closed cause it is the off season and the rides that are open have reduced hours. Even both Disney parks and universal had reduced hours. I think we have been spoiled here in Australia the past 10 years or so. 

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