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Well that not me, but Ill Try: 1 - Disney World 2 - The Rest of Disneys Parks 3 - Alton Towers 4 - Islands of Adventure 5 - Cedar Point 6 - Busch Gardens 7 - SF Magic Mountain 8 - Blackpool Pleasure Beach 9 - Europa Park 10 - Tivoli Gardens I have probably forgotten some good parks but thats all I could think of.

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^sfmm wont make my list (1) Tokyo Disney Sea (2) Disneyland (Tokyo, Anaheim and Orlando) (3) Cedar Point (4) Knotts Berry Farm (5) Island Of Adventures (6) Busch Gardens Tampa (7) DCA (8) Movie World "Spain" (9) Six Flags New Jersey (10)Six Flags New England

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Here`s mine 1-Cedarpoint 2-Knoebels 3-Sixflags NewEngland 4-Dollywood 5-FujikyuHighlands 6-Disneyland 7-Nagashima Spaland 8-Lake compounce 9-Europa Park 10-Alton Towers I would have put in BuschGardensWilliamsburg but the staff looked like that they didnt want to be their and spoiled a bueatiful park.

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I've kept to parks I've been to. I don't think it'd be any surprise to say that if it were of all parks, all ten would probably be Disney.

  1. Epcot
  2. Magic Kingdom
  3. Animal Kingdom
  4. Disney's California Adventure
  5. Disneyland
  6. Disney-MGM Studios
  7. Islands of Adventure
  8. SeaWorld of Orlando
  9. Universal Studios Orlando
I've kept it to nine, because of the remaining parks I've been to (around 10 or 20 or so) I can't honestly put any of them above the others to make this list. For instance, a park might have great rides, but if they operate at abysmal capacities then I don't see how I could put that on a list that more or less praises parks. stdragon, funny you should mention Busch Gardens. At the Tampa Bay park I left with much the same opinion. Excellent rides, pretty good theming, delicious food, excellent operations and a great park because having every ride as a walkon is a welcome change from the Orlando parks. The problem is the attitude of the staff, which brought it down to "average".
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