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If Dreamworld is sold, will it be continued as a theme park or redeveloped into properties?

Theme park vs redevelopment  

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If DW closed forever it would certainly be devastating, and I’m sure a lot of people agree. Right now the money just needs to be spent the right way to bring what they currently up to a good enough standard and manage it well so the rides are capable of operating. Maintenance is required, but not having all rides operating consistently in peak periods, and managing the down time across the year so a tonne of stuff isn’t closed at once.

And refreshing anything that needs it, even if it is just a coat of paint, they just need to show care, promote what they have, and be smarter with all their decisions 

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Cost would be too high to keep it as a theme park as so they have too many old rides that are past there best and would have to be removed. They would get value selling it for land and development. 

It sad I used to live in Sydney and had to go thru losing wonderland Sydney, now I’m up here I don’t want to lose it but honestly it look like time is running out to save dreamworld

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Well said. My only observation is that legislation is unlikely to be brought for Dreamworld.

  • LPS's history is far longer, and far more entrenched in history than DW
  • They tried similar appeals to government to save Wonderland - it didn't work
  • The government isn't likely to take action to keep a park operating that killed people so recently and fresh in everyone's minds. it would be seen as endorsing the sort of culture that lead to the accident in the first place.
  • The park is no more or less deserving to be saved by government intervention than a Westfield or a movie theatre. Its a privately owned property - and i'd much prefer the government put their funds towards projects that benefit the community at large, rather than a private corporation that mismanaged the hell out of their asset, and had no place or business being there in the first place.
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57 minutes ago, Gold Coast Amusement Force said:

Buzzsaw, Giant Drop, Tower of Terror, the size of Dreamworld, Wipeout and the friendly staff.

Buzzsaw  👍🏼 /👎🏼                       (mediocre )

Giant Drop = 👍🏼                            (good ride but not worth the entry fee on its own)

Tower of Terror = 🛌🏼                   (doesn't excite me anymore)

Size of Dreamworld = 😂            (it's not the size but how you use it)

Wipeout = 👴🏼                                (not long for this world)


1 hour ago, Rabbit2014 said:

The mascots I would miss the most Kenny and Belinda 

I leave my fetishes for the bedroom.   (mmmmmmmmmmmm cheesecake in bed)

13 minutes ago, AlexB said:

Yeah, nope.


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19 hours ago, Baconjack said:

Alternatively, and this might be a far-fetched theory to some, but this is the most likely way Merlin will invest into DW - Merlin could buy the park as it is like Cypress Gardens and DW will become the next Legoland. 

This is absolutely what I was going for. Sadly it is far fetched, but I love it.  👍

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