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29 minutes ago, joz said:


Yep got it.

I see what you did. 👍🏼

14 hours ago, pushbutton said:

Maybe the plan was people would see the signs all around the M1 inferring SkyVoyager was open and they'd all rush to buy annual passes (sorry, I mean "NEW Annual Passes"), then Dreamworld would use all the extra income to pay for SkyVoyager. 

Obviously as the money didn't come through as expected, they were unable to do so, which might be why it's not open! 😆

This is not what happened.👎🏼

15 hours ago, Slick said:

Which is probably a good thing, because being really frank, building an amphitheatre when you already have one is about the biggest waste of money I think i've ever seen Dreamworld attempt so far.

Come on!  DW did clear a plot of land for a attraction that isn't happening.

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There are way too many things that require change at this point that it's far more viable to just build a housing estate on the property. But since we're all contributing, I figured I'd join in with this massive piece you see before you. If you're up to it, take a journey of Pure Imagination, otherwise, just scroll past, you're not really missing out on anything.

In terms of park layout - the former gold rush country has left a gap in the loop which needs to be reconnected. Connecting pathway between DW and WWW needs to be optimised to encourage traffic flow and a lot of the shortcut pathways need to be removed or 'hidden' in order to drive people past F&B and Retail outlets. 

Now onto attractions....

Rocky Hollow/Gold Rush

Rocky Hollow Log Ride basically needs to be removed; there's no saying if/how much those DIY alterations have effected the boats. Movie World hasn't altered theirs and the fleet on Wild West Falls is suffering from age related issues, so I can't imagine the Log Ride fleet are holding up all that well. Would free up heaps of space, allowing the entire Rocky Hollow/Gold Rush area to be redeveloped. I'd choose some kind of forest based theme, you could even have some fictional tribal inhabitants of which you'd base any architecture around. Would be a very greenery focused area with a modern log flume, medium scale family coaster and even relocate the carousel to this area, have it next to a retail store that sells a few small snack items/drinks.

This would also provide access to the parks Rivals competitor, a large inverted coaster that travels partly along the main access road to the parks. (Could be named after a mythical bird) Amphitheatre would survive underneath the coaster and can still be utilised for night-time events.


  1. Removal of old 'unsafe' water attraction (as mentioned before as an in house ride it'd likely be much more expensive to insure) and replaced with modern standard, and more immersive flume ride.
  2. New family coaster
  3. New thrill coaster
  4. Updated classic
  5. Effective revenue opportunity with minimal labour requirement


  1. Replacing one ride for another of the same type
  2. Money.


I don't see Vintage Cars lasting much longer, it's far too out of the way. To make anything viable on that side of the river they'd need to redesign any access point to it, in order to make it more inviting and visible to even the laziest of guests. Only way to do that sort of thing would be to remove the old Skylink station, relocate the Bilbies (expanded edutainment display would fit on the Vintage Cars site) alongside a new Crocodile show enclosure and new exhibit for Goldie. Which would greatly open up the pathway between the existing Red Kangaroo/Emu and Crocodile enclosures. Toilets can easily be relocated (well, ignoring the need for new plumbing fixtures) behind the existing Croc enclosure.


  1. Further increases links between Dreamworld and animal conservation
  2. Increased capacity for display and rehabilitation of Crocodiles and new show venue
  3. Increased opportunity to spread plight of Bilbies
  4. Goldie gets a new home


  1. Removal of a classic Dreamworld attraction
  2. Money.

ABC Kids World

I feel like this area is pretty well contained and well rounded. Ultimately, it'd be great  to expand the area into the existing footprint of MDMC, but realistically this ride still has quite a while ahead of it.

Refurbishment of Big Red Car to bring it up to today's technological standards and a small indoor childrens ride inside the old F&B outlet.


  1. Updated attraction
  2. New attraction


  1. MDMC survives
  2. Money.

DreamWorks Experience

New indoor shooting dark ride that takes over the Kevil Hill footprint, as well as some BOH space themed to Kung Fu Panda (accessible through the existing Pass Centre)

Remove Dronkeys Flyers and use the space from the relocated Carousel and Dronkeys Flyers for a mini coaster (almost identical to Spongebobs Boating School Blast at SW)


  1. Solidifies focus on the family market with two rides that reach all ages


  1. Relocation of existing, themed attraction
  2. Money.

Ocean Parade

Now this is probably the most interesting of all, well apart from the Tower of Terror section below...

Wipeout replacement... I'd actually put a Volare style ride here. Tourbillon sounds great and all, but to round out the parks offerings, another family ride would work well in this area.

Destroy Trolls and put in an RMC Raptor... Custom layout, utilising the Thunderbolt Station and weaving in, around, and over this area. Trolls would feature majority of the queue and ride area. Small pre-lift indoor section in laser-tag briefing room areas.

Remove Hot Wheels and demolish all queue and station structure. Create a tree-lined walkway between the Thunderbolt and Old HWSW Queue tower. Place an Enterprise style ride partly where the V8 Simulators currently reside, alternatively building could be utilised as queue for the ride.

Dreamworld Exhibition Centre could fit an extremely small interactive dark ride, or house a dark ride section of a rollercoaster, but I don't know what would be the best use of that space.


  1. Moving away from temporary attractions
  2. Proper utilisation of that corner of Ocean Parade
  3. New family-thrill coaster
  4. New family (and thrill) attraction that's not shaded seating


  1. Removal of rough Dreamworld classic
  2. No defined use of Exhibition Centre building.
  3. Lots of money.

Tower of Terror

The unique footprint of this ride makes replacements hard to work out, especially if you factor in the noise you'd need to avoid around the Tiger Island area.

You could use the length of the tunnel for a launch track and top hat or inverted element; or for a lift hill and then feed the track over or around MDMC and onto the Murrissippi Island area. (You'd have to factor in the need for a turnaround at the end of the ride, which would push the station closer to MDMC and reduce usable land in the little pocket between ABC, Dreamworks and Tiger Island)

Alternatively, you could refurbish the ride and have both forward and backward facing seats. (Like Turbo Track at Ferrari World Dubai) Theme the ride to space travel and have the small pocket of land themed as a quarantine zone. (citing bacteria and not wanting to take anything dangerous to space)


  1. A ride that actually works


  1. Uhh, yeah, you guessed it, Money.

WhiteWater World

Go ahead with existing expansion plans and add a tower (HWSW Station) feeding slide(s) towards that expansion space.

Remove Wedgie and add a TornadoWAVE slide that utilises some of the space on that side of the wave pool. New, more comfortable version of Wedgie or similar slide can be worked into expansion plans if guest demand saw it as a viable opportunity.


  1. Something new for WWW for once. (Expanded attraction line-up)
  2. Utilisation of empty space.


  1. It's just sad at this point. Money...



Well, that was fun.

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Wasn't actually finished when I posted it.
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Dreamworld have bet everything on Sky Voyager. $18 Million could have got a solid new roller coaster that would gone head to head with MW's offerings. When the GP think of a simulator, there first thought is moving seats and a screen. That is not something that is going to be a park savoir. It could be a park killer.

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14 hours ago, Boyden Hingston-Muir said:

Dreamworld have bet everything on Sky Voyager. $18 Million could have got a solid new roller coaster that would gone head to head with MW's offerings.

I disagree. Possibly just below par to MW, but not head to head.


$18M could give them a solid start and a possible 5-10 year deal with a manufacturer to build a number of rides at their park. "We will spend XX amount over XX years if you give us XX discount".

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24 minutes ago, Brad2912 said:

But I have a coupon for a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Hypercoaster...

I have a better deal for you.  I will build you one Woody Hypercoaster in you backyard if you buy the materials.  I have been on Parkz for 13 years so I have all the skills I need to get the job done.

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My Dreamworld plan.

1. Demolish Hot Wheels Side Winder, replacement of a kick ass 1.8km RMC Coaster

2. Demolish Tower of Terror replacement of a family water ride with awesome animatronics. 

3. Have shows in the Dreamworld Amphitheatre located out front of park 

4. Source new boats for Rocky Hollow log ride complete with a lap bar or seat belt. Build new cave with animatronics similar to Knotts Berry Farm log ride

5. Remove seat belts from shockwave 

6. Vintage cars to be moved to a better spot within the park 

7. Undertake a revamp on Mcdoohans motor coaster Cafe (exterior) 

8. B&M Wing Coaster in TRRR spot 


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On 25/03/2019 at 8:46 AM, AlexB said:

What baffles me more than those saying 'close it for a bit' is the idea to get rid of things like the 'disney style' entrance.

I heard a great quote recently, they made $20m per year with the current entrance, they can do it again.

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