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Original, you are referring to the 'Serpent Slayer' show that ran the Xmas Season that Bermuda Triangle was delayed.  For a night show, at the time it ticked all the right boxes. Lots of Pyros, Fire, music, live action on the Lake and Lasers. For a cheap inspiration of Disnelyand's Fantasmic! it was actually pretty bloody good! Shame about the dreadful Martin Mowlam narrative,  for those out there old enough to get me😊

I liked SS but personally thought we did a better job with Illuminanza and the latter Batman Live shows at MW. Some had the best Fireworks displays ever seen in a GC Theme Park.


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I think the fact that being a real young young and the show involving a helicopter took my imagination...

Also I'd say when you have an attraction like BT delayed this what you do offset upsetting customers. 

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I loved Serpent Slayer. Best thing I ever saw. Would hate to see a video and have my nostalgia goggles ripped off. For example: One of the things I loved about it as a kid was how magical and special the music was. Turns out it's pretty much all John Williams movie themes. Great because I can still listen to it, but a bit on the budget side. Cynical adult me wouldn't rate that at all.


But still, a helicopter covered in lasers shot pyro at a massive fire breathing surpent which shot off even more pyro from the ground. Holy friggen shit that's cool!

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Yeah I mean sure if we saw Serpent Slayer or Illuminazzi in their then forms today sure we’d likely all be a bit ‘meh’ but for the.  Shit!


If we could get investment back up to that level in entertainment the parks would be rocking. 


You have to give some credit to the management types back then because who were a little less polish, a little more cowboy in that they just wanted cool shit in their little Aussie parks. 

...also helps when the CEO has a chopper license too

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