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Tiger Cubs for DW

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2 new cubs were born a few days ago. 

Article on GCB but it’s under subscriber lockout, and News Limited has found a way to stop Outline from being able to open their pages so can’t read or post the content.

DW will likely milk this for the next 6 months using it as a reason to not do anything else... 

tiger cub kindy to make a return at the expense of Trolls village? 

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Dreamworld tiger cubs: Two male cubs born April 26 on Gold Coast

APRIL 29, 2019

TWO healthy baby tigers born at a Gold Coast theme park last week will help to support their species global conservation by becoming parents in the future.

The two male cubs were born to three-year-old female Adira, who gave birth to the duo on April 26, at 4.26pm and 5.01pm.

f4d8685939b955fd5a0ce46ed2bff707?width=1024 Dreamworld's tiger Adira's two new tiger cubs. f54a0d5040e8b0468f4672ed49ae2597?width=1024 The two cubs suckling on mum Adira.

The cubs, who are yet to be named, weighed 1.31kg and 1.32kg respectively.

They are the seventh litter born at Tiger Island since it opened in 1995.


Last year 14-year-old Nika gave birth to two female cubs, Mya and Melati, who were later traded to Canberra’s National Zoo for conservation purposes.

ea6a41b598d150c6e638a9bfae5d080f?width=1024 New mother Adira enjoying a cool off. Pics Adam Head ec8255fa4021d7d6b28735bbe9364a4e?width=1024 Dreamworld's tiger Adira with one of her cubs.

The cubs will remain at the nursery den for the next two weeks before they make their public debut next month.

Dreamworld’s General Manager of Life Sciences Al Mucci said there were less than 4000 tigers left in the wild and it was hoped this particular pair would go on to become parents of their own.

e392e46173bc426c17bf71be3bbcceab?width=1024 It’s hoped Adira’s babies will also become parents like she is. Pics Adam Head c00dbe9df2d29a641e00b0639a99dfde?width=1024 Super cute!

“These two beautiful cubs will be fantastic ambassadors for their endangered counterparts in the wild,” he said.

“Tigers are listed as critically endangered and Dreamworld’s breeding program is helping to ensure a long-term future for these magnificent animals.”

Dreamworld also operates their own Wildlife Foundation program, one of the world’s biggest financial contributors to wild tiger conservation.

Just on the comment about Tiger Kindy, doubt we will see it return in that location, that was only a temporary housing for the Cubs whilst Tiger Island was getting refurbed.

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5 hours ago, Skeeta said:

If they want variety is a couple of beds too much to ask for?


Why not, can have some with those one way mirrors all around them that you can only see out of but not in and rent them out for $50 an hour, call it Sky Voyeur 

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