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Accident on Overseas Log Ride injurs 3

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I just read this on Screamscape, thought it was worth sharing given the similarities surrounding an apparent pump failure that appears to have caused the accident.

Now picture if this happened on DW's Logride with it's in-house built roll cages. Based on this scenario playing out, do you think the Cages would do more harm or good?

If it did, I think DW would have more blood on their hands..

CASTLE PARK (California)

icon_STOPPark News -  (5/27/19) An unfortunately accident happened at Castle Park the other day as a malfuctioning water pump on the parks log ride apparently lowered the water level in the splashdown pool. This allowed for a log to pass through a lot faster than intended and rolled over as it hit the u-turn at the end of the splash-down run, ejecting three riders… two adults and a child, who were taken to a local hospital due to injuries. 
    Thankfully, according to follow-up reports none of the injuries are considered life-threatening. 

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You couldn't do much about gravity though, once its at the top of the lift hill and driven out. Depending on how it's fed, it might lose water level pretty quickly from the runout so the boat isn't slowed down enough to float in the remaining water that was just turfed out when the boat came screaming through.

The cages would stop people ending up with the weight of a water logged boat on top of them. Im not even sure if a boat could roll with the cage, given the width of the trough, might just end up on its side. The ride wouldn't even be open if the cages were designed and implemented "in house". Not after what happened. Goes double for them being designed without the possibility of the boat rolling over. Had to have been designed with a worst case scenario of it flipping. Government regulators and assessors would have been so far up everyone's arse they would have been chomping at the bit to scrutinize their other water ride and discover any other dangerous flaws or unsupported modifications to let something like crushing by the cage structure or drowning while trapped within go unnoticed.

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