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56 minutes ago, Adventures With JWorld said:

Maze locations have been revealed on FN website 


IT - Dodgems 

Zombieland & Doll Haus - Jigsaw and Halloween Shed 

House of Kain and Leatherface - FDTD Shed 


Not sure how to feel about them doing two mazes in the same shed again, but I sincerely hope either Kain or Leatherface are not being scaled back this year as it is the first time they have done two mazes in that shed 

I gotta say I’m a bit sceptical on the quality of the mazes this year based off of their locations. The mazes that shared sheds in previous years have seemed short but they were still scary because of how intense they were. 

In regards to IT I’m also quite sceptical since mazes that have been in Dodgems have always been the shortest, but based on how there’s “17 scenes” could it be possible they’re utilising the whole building rather than just the dodgems side? 

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Yes, many Parkz members are planning to attend.

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1 hour ago, Ryanhop01 said:

I do wish they could use the show stage again for a maze, but hopefully they live up to the quality of last years !

Yeah unfortunately I believe that time is up with Show Stage hosting mazes

I believe they could be using some of it for Grave Death Experience though, but don’t quote me on that as it’s lisiting is slightly off the building on the map like all the other mazes

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On 03/09/2019 at 5:13 PM, Skeeta said:


The remake was a real let down to the original but what would greasy teens know.

The second one hasn't come out yet so you can't call it "one of the most successful horror franchises".  If you do you would be talking out of your bum.


IT can be a great maze but MW don't need to make shit up to sell it.



You do realise that the “original” 1990 IT was a 2 part TV miniseries. It was not a cinema release, it was literally a 2 part TV show. However it was extremely successful and has a huge cult following, though many people don’t realise that the “original” has 2 parts. So yes you can call it a franchise, especially with the cinematic “remakes” being released. 

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53 minutes ago, Bailz said:

How do you guys feel about fitting 17 rooms inside the dodgem cars? I am unsure about it?

Call me pessimistic all you want but I don't think that they can succeed in fitting 17 scenes within dodgems while making it a satisfying experience. My assumption is that many of these scenes will be smaller callbacks or references placed within a hallway or around a corner and not a full size room with unique scenic, characters and audio. 

That said, I really want to eat my words. 

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The map has been released on the FN website. Looks like A Grave Death will be where the UTT exclusive  tour was last year. Nightmares down towards the front of Main Street. Baby Face Killers where sci fear was. Hell Born at the fountain and dead west needs no explanation. It seems the UTT meeting point is over in the dead west precinct next to the western backdrop. Maybe something similar to 2017s exclusive  tour? 


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1 hour ago, Adventures With JWorld said:

I had a mate who was down at the park today send me this 🤡39D7EA83-9DF6-47C8-99F4-D536385BDAEF.thumb.jpeg.7104aed4924f6f5a1c2652448797ed36.jpeg



Looking almost identical to the 'IT Chapter 2' experience in America. Could they still be adding the rest of the features?

Also, does this mean the maze itself will start in the arcade area, and move into the dodgems space?

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I know it's not a big thing in the scheme of things, but i'd really like to have seen them run a wrap over the top of the intencity badging - just a couple pushups and drape would be fine, just so the head stands alone, instead of blending into the intencity branding behind it...

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