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The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

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2 hours ago, Rachelkinks said:

Will this still give older people a bit of a thrill? Or will it be very tame? 

According to the parks website, the whole area has a moderate thrill level.

But they also classify Castaway Bay as having a moderate thrill level. And they advertise Storm has a family coaster, but that has a max thrill.

So really, who knows what it is...

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14 hours ago, Flynn_Smith said:

Sea World are calling this the ‘world’s greatest family roller coaster’..

Very bold statement

It's probably better than marketing MDMC as a 'thrill ride'. At least they're aiming low.

As for world's best, we've covered 'puffery' before.

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16 hours ago, themagician said:

Great to see they’re actually doing construction updates. A rare thing from our parks.

But geeez, what a bold statement to say it’s the best family coaster in the world. VRTP really like to over promise with their statements about next rides 

I mean to their credit they were at least somewhat right with DC Rivals being a 'world best ride' considering what I hear about it in other roller coaster or theme park-related spaces on the net outside of Parkz. By all accounts those overseas who somehow have the credit love it.

Leviathan? Nah this is going a bit far this probably won't even be a top woodie. 

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35 minutes ago, Baconjack said:

this probably won't even be a top woodie. 

While I get what you're saying, it fails to take into account how much pure trash is out there. Like maybe it won't be tier 1, sure, but it's probably going to be tier 2 or 3, and there's like 10 tiers below that.

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Long time no see peeps. First time back on here since the DC RIVALS thread. Idk if this is going to be the worlds best family coaster but having ridden Apocalypse at six flags magic mountain i am keen either way for this ride. I remember not wanting to go on Apocalypse as it didn't look that good and i would've  rather gone on some of the other rides but i can say from my experience it was probably one of my favourite coasters at MM. I just remember it was so whippy and the airtime was insane and it felt so much faster then 80km/h. And also the fact that it felt like i was going to be decapitated by all the wooden beams definitely added to the ride experience. I think Sea world have a great coaster coming and i can't for the flog Dictator Dan to let me out of Melbourne to go ride this thing when it's done.

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