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The New Atlantis - Construction Updates

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9 hours ago, Gazza said:

@HussRainbow87 why do Huss rides have such huge OTSRs?

Not too sure, but they’ve actually been redesigned. As you can see in the image, Talocan has those large shoulder pieces, I think I remember them being comfortable but the ones on Vortex are great. 
The original Top Spins have different ones again and have the bar as a secondary. HUSS Park Attractions aren’t exactly the original HUSS Maschinenfabrik, after the insolvency, the company today basically just used the HUSS name, the build quality is still on par, but they’ll never make a travelling ride again. I don’t even think they offer parts for Break Dance’s anymore, not 100% but they did supply all new gears and bolts for our Rainbow that is being refurbished, so not too sure what they actually do for the existing Maschinenfabrik machines. SAD is a German company that refurbishes and provides parts for many HUSS rides, including redesigned crosses for the Break Dances that are approved by TUV


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3 minutes ago, Rivals said:

crazy to think this may marks 3 years since the project was announced and only one ride has actually opened, 1 ride still isn’t even built yet and leviathan is half complete😧

If only they’d also included a worldwide pandemic into their plans…. sometimes you just gotta roll with the punches.. 

I’d also give them a little more credit than classifying Leviathan as being “half-complete” 

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