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Cheap Flights to Theme Parks

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Thought I would create this thread so people could share their thoughts/insider tips on where to get cheap flights to different destinations. Also feel free to share your experiences with different airlines.

It’s been a while since I have been overseas to go to Theme Parks. Last time for me was in 2015 to visit LA for SFMM, USH, Disney & Knotts.

This November we are looking to head to Orlando & we are trying to decide on what airline to go with but also what is the cheapest option. Would be great to hear some past experiences & some tips on finding cheap flights :) 

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33 minutes ago, Skeeta said:

My advice is to clear your cookies every time you visit an airlines web page.

this is sometimes counterintuitive. While some airlines will bump a price up each time you check it to encourage the 'buy now before the price rise' mentality, others actually drop a couple bucks off for frequent return visitors, in a case of 'it's never been this low before'.

Incognito mode is also an option too, but i recommend doing it both ways.

Subscribing to alerts on your preferred airlines is a good tip also - I prefer Qantas \ OneWorld partners over other airlines, and while discount airlines sometimes do better, I prefer to travel with certain inclusions, and when priced in on discount carriers, it tends to be the same or higher. This isn't always the case and there are bargains to be had, but its much of a muchness, and i prefer to be loyal. I get emails into my inbox several times a week with certain areas on sale, and i keep a spreadsheet of the destinations i'm eyeing off, recording the advertised prices with each update - this helps me track the pricing over time to know when a price is good, as some advertised 'sale' fares are average or worse.

Other 'multi-airline' search engines like WebJet and SkyScanner are worthy of a look, but I do find sometimes they tend to preference sponsors or partners, so they aren't necessarily the best deal around and it always pays to do your own homework.

Looking at layover connections rather than direct flights can bonus your trip in different ways - sometimes layover connections in that airline's hub city will work out cheaper than a direct flight with another carrier, and in addition, the layover cities can open up other opportunities - such as travelling via Hong Kong, SIngapore, Osaka or Tokyo, allowing you to spend a day or two to soak up Asian Disney and Universal parks whilst on your way elsewhere. When looking at these sorts of trips (and forgetting the loyalty previously mentioned unless you're using a partner airline), i tend to check AirWander - This site works out multiple trips to the same destination offering different stopover options so you can pick and choose - and who knows, you may even end up visiting somewhere you'd never thought of going!

(if your primary travel reason is parks and rides, and you're presented with layovers in places you hadn't thought about - don't discount it without checking RCDB to see what coasters might be around - you could be pleasantly surprised!)

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Check out klook mate they have some discount tickets,  downloads to your phone,  then just show your phone at the gates

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