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Universal Orlando Resort - Major Announcement

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I heard they have been having issues with registration of the Fantastic World's title and Artwork due to licensing issues with WB's. The artwork I saw does very much look like Fantastic Beasts, which is kind of expected with that part of the Harry Potter Universe surely getting a spot in this new Park.

Very exciting times for Florida Theme Parks!

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It is so great to see Universal investing so heavily into their theme parks business, and also to see it paying off. They clearly see the division as a major driver going forward. It's awesome for the industry in general and this level of confidence suggests a bright future for all well-run theme park companies.

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Well it’s basically confirmed that they are getting a Nentendo land. With other rummered lands being Universals classic monsters, HP or FB expansions possibly JW if it doesn’t move to IOA. It also seems they are building a new hotel and city walk area.

50 minutes ago, Jobe said:

Do we have a time line for it’s opening yet?

I’d guess possibly about late 2022 or early 2023 since they have already started, with the land clearing looking complete.


Very exciting news from universal. 


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