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There may be a similar new style of ride that intamin produces but you need to remember that TOT was the first of its kind, only to be followed up by a second of its kind and then no more were made. Intamin provided support for these two experimental rides way longer than they realistically should have. Especially in the case of DW who were already limping theirs along because they only opted for the cheap, quick and dirty upgrade, many years ago. Along with all of the other reasons stated by @franky
Really it should have been removed and salvaged for Six Flags Magic Mountain about 5 years ago. Then maybe the one at Six Flags would have more than about 2-5 years left in its lifespan.

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Mick Doohan's Motocoaster has entered the chat.

Goodbye TOT tunnel

I agree with everything you said except these two points. Now it has the extended tunnel, I agree it cuts the park in half, previously with just a track I thought it was fine, no issues. The towe

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On 01/06/2021 at 4:57 PM, franky said:


I wouldn't say their current version is even in the same class as TOT, it just looks smaller, slower, and boring (to me)


 Having ridden Turbo Track you're bang on the money. It had no real wow factor when I rode it. The launch wasn't very forceful and the bunny hop didn't really give much airtime at all. 

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48 minutes ago, Brad2912 said:

First time i've seen a video of Turbo Track and it looks horrendous. 

The best thing about it is the LCD screens and signage 

It's the epitome of not telling your client no when they suggest a shit idea and clipping the ticket anyway.

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16 hours ago, joz said:

What page are the last photos from? The watermark is hard to make out

I think it's one of those niche pages that start out focussing on a small part of a small topic, and then run out of content, so they just start update-spamming every new garbage bin installation at the parks in a desperate ploy for clicks to try to stay relevant. 

I think I saw them post something about trading hours the other day - something i've sorely needed since TPSN blocked me for posting too many fountain updates.

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