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Tower of Terror 2 closing

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Kinda sad saying goodbye to the old girl.

Had my first ride on TOT back in 1998, and whilst she’s certainly been in a state of decline for many many years, I still love the rush, force and weightlessness on the drop. 

2 rides today to see her off, and was great to see such engaged ride ops, and hearing claps and cheers at the end of each cycle. 

Thanks for the memories TOT. 

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4 minutes ago, themagician said:

When they begin removing the track up the tower, I would assume that the GD would need to close. When they do this I would if they will take that as an opportunity to repaint the tower and remove the TOT writing, or if they will leave it for people to remember it by. 

I don't imagine the vertical track will be removed until GD's next big maintenance period. Tower definitely needs some TLC but I doubt it will get it. I wouldn't be surprised if the vertical track just stays there forever.

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3 hours ago, Jordan M. said:

On the note of ride removal, yesterday a ride op was stating February.

I imagined that was going to be the earliest. Not going to start heavy demolition and pull downs during the holiday season. If it does indeed happen in Feb I think that’s great from a perspective of the park being on the ball and moving forward immediately 

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Well I made it down on Sunday and managed to get through the queue and onto the ride in the hour that I had! 

As mentioned already - shout out to the staff - operation was smooth and the kept the line moving and made the ride an experience!.

I've never been that attached to the tower of terror as far as rides go mainly due to the low capacity and short ride duration but I have to admit it stands out in regards to the force experienced and certainly was "park defining" for dreamworld. I suspect it closure and the rides that open might be an opportunity to do the same.

I'm glad I managed to get on it before it closed for good!

That said, my 4 year old will be happy to see the end of the roaring noise rattling through the park every 5 minutes!


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