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Steel Taipan Construction - Dreamworld Mack launched roller coaster

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This morning I was invited out to Dreamworld to get a sneak peek of Steel Taipan and a walk through of the entire area. I’ll start out by saying, overall they’ve done a good job with the area. It’s ve

Occasionally I'll search through tender websites for theme park projects and yesterday's search at work had delivered some treasure. Here is what is worth noting: This is what the queu

And we have supports. 

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On 30/04/2020 at 11:33 AM, Whombex said:

Some members in that thread were sitting on a chunk of inside info that they couldn't share until it had been done elsewhere/officially.

I expect that to be the case with this one as well.


As a member who contributed multiple shitty comments to the DCR thread, who were these people who had to sit on information?

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I think Its based more of the track attachment on the spine than the actual columns. So you can have multiples of the same number, maybe like 1a, 1b, 1c, etc. Can see some little plaques on the bases of the columns with this detail if you stand on the bridge under the lift and look in dc rivals and green lantern compounds / around the garden on the corner. Some columns are tagged with the same number so there are duplicates. 

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8 hours ago, Thrill Seeker said:

Does anyone know if the track and supports coming directly from mack or are they being shipped from whoever the coaster was originally destined for?

From Mack, I believe. Dreamworld didn't necessarily get the other parks' coaster, they got their build slot. Whether they built the same or different was up to the park, and hence why we've seen the additional elements like the triple launch and spike.

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7 minutes ago, AlexB said:

What on earth gave you that idea? DCR wasn't named until vertical construction was well underway! we don't even have footers yet!

DC Rivals may have not been named until vertical construction was well underway but that doesn’t mean the same thing is going to happen with the new coaster. Dreamworld can name the coaster before construction has started. I’m not saying it will be named soon, I just said I hoped it will be named soon.

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No, What you actually said was that you hoped the arrival of parts MEANT it would be named soon.

I hope this means I win lotto. but that too is a ludicrous hope that has little chance of becoming a reality anytime soon.

And i've no idea what gave you that idea, since recent history doesn't suggest that at all.

As for whether parts arrival means anything at all, in the current environment, with the park shuttered, I doubt you're going to see any news from the park regarding the coaster, as marketing and PR understand that there's little merit in spruiking it while they're closed as it isn't going to do anything to increase profits, and only results in increased marketing expenditure with little return likely to be generated from it.

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