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Steel Taipan Construction - Dreamworld Mack launched roller coaster

Blue Fire Feature   

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A blue fire clone would work really well at DW! Of course a non-clone would be more exciting but judging from the mostly positive reviews I've heard of the ride this seems to be a decent choice. Spinning trains would be an interesting addition - time traveller was well-received and I reckon they could work on this ride too.

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25 minutes ago, Aw hype said:

Unverified sources say segments of track have been spotted on the back of a truck on Pacific Highway

Your sources sux.   😀

9 minutes ago, joz said:

Meanwhile unverified sauces have been tomato.

If you ask PCL Parkz have gone out on a limb like that time they turned up to a park in Melbourne and were shown the door.   

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It will be underwhelming compared to Rivals, but this is the proper, lengthy, full circuit coaster I've been dreaming of Dreamworld getting (and spamming about on these forums) since I was a child just learning about roller coasters playing RCT3. If they'd had done this 5 years ago the ride would have completely blown everyone away, but they've missed the boat on that one.

I'm willing to ignore that it's a clone of one of Mack's older rides because it's a step in the right direction towards revitalising the park. Who knows? It could even be run faster than the original and be a more intense experience. We need more of this in the coming years though, we'll grow used to this ride very quickly and we'll be asking for more.

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11 hours ago, Slick said:

Seems like a good fit for Blue Lagoon / Amphitheatre.

This is great news about DW probably getting a launch coaster but whilst it may, in the end, be in the Blue Lagoon/Big Brother Studios area (as it is a similar size), the only concern I have is can it fit with the Dreamworld Express circling the area (as the coaster makes some low passes on the outer edges) and why put it there leaving the Thunder River Rapids area still empty? I'd rather fill that latter space up otherwise people would still be walking past that site filled with the remnants of traumatic tragedy on the way to the new coaster.

Here is how I imagine the new coaster placed in the area of the now-gone Thunder River Rapids:


And how I imagine a kind-of artist impression:



What does everyone think? It is reasonable to be Blue Lagoon/Big Brother Studios but I'm leaving all possibilities open until otherwise confirmed.

Also, without any replacement yet for Thunder River Rapids, the Big Brother Studios/Blue Lagoon area is a bit out of the way still.

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Wow Dreamworld Wow. I’m very impressed. Great to see they are investing this much money. Finally expanding WWW  after all these years and one kick ass Coaster designed by a great company. Plus all the other changes and additions to come and really going to put the park back on its feet. And what great completion for VRTP. 

This expansion of WWW I really think will make the park the superior water park. And this new coaster and future additions really puts it back in competition with MW.

It’s these kind of things that really make me want to spend the money and visit the park again 

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