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Steel Taipan Construction - Dreamworld Mack launched roller coaster

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I think the issue with anything is that there is stuff that  straddles the boundaries.

Like Dorney Park or Luna Park or Nagashima, squarely Amusement parks.

Or Disneysea or Phantasialand or PortAventura, squarely theme parks.

But then Australian parks, some SF parks etc straddle the boundary and have zones with themes, but some without, and then sometimes attractions that break the theme.

And also, the other factor to consider is what level of theming brings it from amusement park to theme park.

For example Adventure World does have zones (Eg the Nautical Zone, the mining themed section on the mountain, the devil themed zone and the dragon land zone but the theming is a bit light on, so it never feels quite immersive.

Whilst old gold rush at DW definitely was immersive.

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10 minutes ago, Gazza said:

The Germans have a better word, freizeitpark which literally means "Free time park" so no ambiguity there.

If @Richard doesn't like my idea, I'm happy to go with your idea that we all learn German.


4 minutes ago, DaptoFunlandGuy said:


It would't be decided within the forum.   A vote would be decided by selecting a box within the parks page.  😀

Any other question and you are just going to have to make an appointment.

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29 minutes ago, New display name said:

Currently Parkz has everything listed as a theme park which is not correct.  It would be good if Parkz had more categories and it was the Parkz members who decided what went where.


Agreed. Lumping everything under "theme park" or "ride" has largely been done for expediency and this terminology is slowly being replaced across the site in favour of "attraction".

But members can indeed submit changes/additions to the database and there's currently nine categories for parks to choose from, including both theme and amusement.

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That’s great @@Richard, but I do have a “but” 

If I submit a change, the decision of my change falls on one person.



Adventure World currently shows as a Theme Park, but you can clearly see in the poll taken most Parkz members don’t believe it to be so.




If I submit a change for Adventure World would the change happen if the boss didn't believe it to be so?

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After viewing this vid of Blue Fire’s spinning seat test on TikTok, I’d say it’s best to follow the advice of having passengers of varying masses on either side to get the most spin… Unless you wanna take it easy, find a partner of equivalent mass.


(TikTok wouldn’t let me save the video)

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13 minutes ago, New display name said:

One spinning train and one standard train.🤔

I guess we all just assumed based on the fact that DCR had both trains backwards that ST would be the same. 

Its disappointing - i'm sure it was mentioned a while back that if it is only on one train, then when that train goes down for maintenance, they won't be able to offer that experience, but the slight increase to capacity, as well as the ability to ride the 'actual' back of the train for a different airtime experience as well makes for some good re-rideability as you can get a different experience at the 'very' back of the train. 

I can see issues for people who want to wait for the very back of the train though, but it will be disappointing if Dreamworld don't allow that.

While I see the silver lining, its pretty shit that they only got one spinner, and chances are it won't be available half the time in off peak simply due to cost-saving measures as they balance the wear and tear on each train. I wonder if they will actually list which train will operate on any given day on their website or whether you have to wait until you get to the carpark?


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I don’t know how I feel about one spinning train and this is what’s running through my head.

50% of the time Rivals back seat is empty while the queue is out the door and that does get my goat.

The spinning car sounds more appealing than a backward riding seat so "might" be more popular.

People who want to do the spin and the train not being available will be unhappy.

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