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Steel Taipan Construction - Dreamworld Mack launched roller coaster

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Occasionally I'll search through tender websites for theme park projects and yesterday's search at work had delivered some treasure. Here is what is worth noting: This is what the queu

This morning I was invited out to Dreamworld to get a sneak peek of Steel Taipan and a walk through of the entire area. I’ll start out by saying, overall they’ve done a good job with the area. It’s ve

And we have supports. 

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41 minutes ago, xRazzBerryx said:

So has this ended up being fact or cap? I mean it’s the news so they will say anything to gain some attention..

Anyone at the park today? 

Just drove past on the m1 south and no testing currently… though admittedly it could have been in the station having just completed a cycle as I whizzed past 

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To clarify, Taipan was indeed meant to run its first cycle today, but ended up not going ahead. It is expected to run its first ever cycle next week on an undisclosed day.

The only testing today was the train reversing from the station slowly, then running in at normal operating speed.

Also, the zero car shell is absent from the non-spinner train.

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Those entry scales are looking pretty cool. Interesting that they’re installing a structure to hide first aid entrance. Makes sense I guess to introduce the theme. Great to see they are painting that block wall a colour that should help make it ‘vanish’. I just hope they add a decent amount of plants

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They've got some plants going everywhere on this ride. In the queue and before the second rock on exit of the MCBR (they're small plants). I'd assume they're installing more once all the heavy vehicles are gone.

The station lights were switched on all day today, and the station itself appears to have a bit of art on the walls. Splashes of orange and black paint here and there.

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Obviously I understand why, but it is sad to look at that area of the park on the map and see how empty it looks compared to how it used to be


Obviously a coaster doesn’t visually fill up a map as much as the river rapids did. Not sure if anyone else agrees/knows the point I’m getting at?

Either way, I’m very excited for Steel Taipan and it looks like all the site work should be finished in the next couple weeks providing the weather is good. And then it should be non-stop testing.

Destination Dad and Daughter shared this video too and here are a couple screenshots of things not mentioned yet 


Themed fencing installed down exit ramp


And this roof to the left is for the photo viewing 


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5 hours ago, OgreMagic said:


Wonder what happened here?


The first video is what I was referring to yesterday.

The image below it, if i can recall correctly from the DC Rivals forum, the workers do that to smoothen the connections between tracks.

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