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Steel Taipan Construction - Dreamworld Mack launched roller coaster

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3 hours ago, Gazza said:

So which mood is everyone today?

steel taipan mood.jpg

Bottom image (after having 4 - 6 schools flood the Gotham outlet and cause a fuss)

Dreamworld's website has been given a refresh.

Got insane VRTP vibes from it - only this time I prefer the Dreamworld website more.


(Check out https://www.dreamworld.com.au/rides-attractions/dreamworld/thrill-rides/steel-taipan/)

I'm amazed at the fact that the entire site (incl. every single page) got overhauled.

Hell. Even the maintenance page looks nice.


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Video of first riders today. Assume park employees or family/friends of.

video courtesy DW Golden Years



Gold Coast’s Dreamworld to launch its $32m Steel Taipan coaster on for 40th birthday on December 15

DREAMWORLD is set to usher in the summer of the snake after announcing the launch date of its $32m Steel Taipan roller coaster, just in time for Christmas. 

From December 15, riders will be able to experience all 1.2km of the 105km/h, triple-launch coaster with its multiple inversions and spinning gondola.

The launch date coincides with the theme park’s 40th birthday, which will be celebrated with a range of additional entertainment, giveaways and fun for team members and guests.

“We couldn’t think of a better gift for our 40th birthday than the opening of the biggest new attraction in Dreamworld’s history, offering a new, world-class thrill experience during the school holidays, and just in time for the border reopening,” Dreamworld CEO Greg Yong said.

“Steel Taipan is a truly fantastic addition to our attraction offering, featuring the Southern Hemisphere’s first triple launch system and the world’s first spinning rear seats.

“You’ve got to feel it to believe it, so we encourage our locals to visit from the 15th to see what all the hype is about.”

The Steel Taipan project, the biggest single investment in Dreamworld’s history, has created more than 200 jobs, with about 98 per cent of contractor packages awarded to southeast Queensland companies.

Mr Yong said the Steel Taipan was likely the largest private sector tourism attraction investment since the pandemic began, and hoped aviation, accommodation, and other tourism businesses would benefit from the visitors drawn to it.

Shareholders in Dreamworld parent company Ardent Leisure will be hoping the roller coaster boosts sales of the park’s annual passes which range from $99-$119.



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16 minutes ago, themagician said:

Spinning seat is available to book and is $25

Was expecting a price similar to dc rivals at $20, dc rivals backward is mostly empty (when working) cause people don’t want to spend $20 per seat.

I can understand why only one train has the spinning seat now.

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2 minutes ago, Rabbit2014 said:

Was expecting a price similar to dc rivals at $20, dc rivals backward is mostly empty (when working) cause people don’t want to spend $20 per seat.

I can understand why only one train has the spinning seat now.

The difference is Rivals seats are just turned around, whereas the spinning seats require more maintaining and are more technologically advanced…. imo spinning seats for $25 is a lot better worth then even $15 for backwards

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1 hour ago, Coaster Hipster said:

Quite curious to hear guest feedback on the spinning backseat. Over to the Americas and to Europe both Time Traveler and Ride to Happiness received praise.

The magnet mitigating the spin motion can be altered for more/less spin. I wonder what settings Dreamworld chose to that regard

from what I saw yesterday. it doesn't spin that much with 2 people.
however if it's a single rider. it will be intense.

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Couldn’t agree more. They have done a fantastic job, explored new ways of marketing (with the drone footage, etc). Made it exciting and stated the key facts needed to get across. This definitely is a new standard and is what the park needed to do to bring the park back into the positive spotlight.

It’s a shame they couldn’t have done this with SkyVoyager, but if the lengthily delays, it would’ve been a hard one. 

In comparison to other marketing parks have done, I always loved the Rivals announcement video and the commercial, but other than that, there wasn’t much else. Everywhere I go, I am seeing some form of marketing around the GC and they are smashing it online too. 

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39 minutes ago, Park Addict 93 said:

Will be an advance opportunity for passholders



wouldn't surprise me if it was just early park entry for pass holders. 
Pretty sure that's what they did with rivals if memory serves well. 
But if they do a soft open. I would say they'd do it next weekend. 

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