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Sky Voyager is now open at Dreamworld... so what's it like?

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Great review as always from the writers at Parkz!!

Having ridden Soarin" at Epcot in 2017, I am certainly interested to see how this ride stacks up to it. This article certainly answers that question quite well, but the proof will be in the actual riding. 

Soarin' was a major highlight of our entire Orlando trip  ( one of many!!) and this ride will have to be extremely good to be even mentioned in the same breath as Soarin'.

The queue and pre-show sounds entirely frustrating though- why cant our parks get this right? The template in Disney and even Universal is right there- and whilst it would be churlish to expect that high a standard - surely we can get a decent facsimile that just works and doesnt' feel "clunky".


Certainly looking forward to riding this in January 2020- I think that being such a unique ride and Australian first, that this will be a sure fire hit for Dreamworld. With today's announcement's of investment in a new coaster and expansion at White Water World, perhaps Dreamworld can finally step out of the long shadow of the TRR tragedy . Today is certainly a good day to be a Dreamworld fanboy and I am sure that Village is sitting up and taking notice-which will be a good thing for the GC and the industry. Given the already  large investment of DC Rivals and the previously announced Seaworld Atlantis expansion, we can all hope that this is another major step into further investment and expansion for the industry and the parks on a scale the likes of which havent been seen since the early to  mid 90's.

Bring it on!! 

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6 hours ago, Jobe said:

...perhaps Dreamworld can finally step out of the long shadow of the TRR tragedy .

Not until the Coroner hands down his findings hopefully later this year but maybe not until next year and depending on his recommendations/findings, maybe that won't be enough.

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