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Rides that need a refurbishment / refresh

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List some of the rides or attractions you think need to be refresehd. Personally, I would say;

MDMC - photos from 31 August 2019


At first impression, it is obvious the ride needs a repaint. It's faded, dirty and makes the ride look beaten up and old when it is one of Dreamworld's newest rides despite opening around 12 years ago. The ride is a family favourite and their is no reason it shouldn't be cleaned up. 


As you can see in the bottom left of this picture, their are two water tanks in the middle of the ride which makes you feel like Dreamworld don't care about the experience of MDMC which is rather well done elsewhere. You can also see the track is in need of a repaint. 

Better view of the water tanks.


The whole ride area feels neglected. The launch system needs to be accessed by maintenance but they have a tendancies to just leave shit everywhere.maxresdefault.thumb.jpg.11ab65bf4ae8d02ef7fbbd4b2010fc93.jpg

In this one picture, you can view the ladder they leave at the ride. This photo was from 2010 and the ladder remains in 2019. It's plain ugly and shouldn't be sitting in view of everyone. 

In comparison, Jet Rescue has wonderful landscaping that makes the ride look much better than MDMC.


You can see both launch systems technical components aren't viewable by guests and thats the way it should be done.

It isn't something that is a massive problem but it's big enough to pay attention too. With a cleanup, repaint and modifications to the current landscape of the ride including the removal of the water tanks e.t.c, the ride experience could be improved drastically and be more immersive. 


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3 hours ago, Skeeta said:

This is easy.  Every ride at DW needs a refurbishment.  

I was going through all.the rides at Village and aside from a few needing a paint, most of them are decent enough.


Then you look at DW and really the only ride that couldn't use some effort thrown at it is Claw and DreamWorks stuff. Log Ride would be my first pick, new logs which can allow the removal of the cages, re-introduction of a cave (a 'Rocky Hollow' as it were).


For low hanging fruit, the train. Bring back the steam train, close Billabong station, and dont needlessly stop the train at the top of the hill for 10mins every lap.

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Well for starters, any ride at Dreamworld that isnt in Dreamworks or Ocean Parade is in desperate need of some sort of a refresh or redo.

Buzzsaw really needs a paint job, it is poor form having such a massive coaster right out the front of the park looking so faded. GD's queue line is in disgustingly poor condition. I know the sign was repainted but I don't know if they've touched anything else. TOT's queue is in bad shape too, but we all know that's going soon so why invest money into it. HWSW's queue was a mistake and the whole coaster really needs a paint job. 

Over at VRTP, GL may need a repaint sometime in the next couple years as that isn't looking great these days. And that's all I can think of for them.

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Last time I went on Wild West Falls there was a lot of effects not working or had poor timing. So not necessarily a refurb, but more a ‘please fix’

SDSC needs a refurb to finish off/fix the last refurb

GL definitely needs a repaint

MDMC needs a repaint/queue refresh

GD needs some love added to the queue

BS repaint

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I'd love to see Movie World really invest in Wild West Falls. I know they probably won't because it's not new and all that, but unless they're planning to close it soon I think it's really worth a bit of investment. It soaks up the crowds (quite literally) and a really good experience with something new there would have a lot of guests leaving with significantly better thoughts.

At the very least, fix all the effects so they work reliably and they're timed properly.

Ideally add a few new surprises. Maybe animatronic. Maybe even projection mapping (and not like on SDSCNG). 

Potentially, with some great imagineering, they could retheme it to a well known movie with appropriate scenes, and it would be virtually a new ride.

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Although the term imagineer isn't an exclusive disney term, it is synonymous with Disney. WBMW is about as far from imagineering as you can get.

I'm all for them fixing it up and all, but i doubt its worth the investment honestly. They can't even maintain what they have.

Also, projection mapping isn't the new buzzword and it shouldn't be applied to every attraction. With few indoor spaces suitable to it, it's not really an option.

Be careful what you wish for though - lest we end up with Wild West Falls Next Generation.

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