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Dreamworld October Update 2019

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On 11/10/2019 at 6:23 AM, Rabbit2014 said:

Yeah found this message when searching for them, confirmed that they are permanently closed.


Revved out of her? I bet she's sore.

14 hours ago, themagician said:

Unfortunately the park have already confirmed it will be a shaded seating area

Wasn't this announced quite a while ago though? So it could be put down to the same vein as 'new ampitheatre at TRRR' and 'Adventure River at WWW' ?

There's been a lot of 'new direction' stuff coming out of Dreamworld lately. The shaded seating area was absolutely lambasted by the public at large - they could very well have changed their minds...

(I know we've seen concept art for the new design and all, but we saw concept art for the new science lab thing in corroboree too... oh wait there's another one!)

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Don't bring facts into a good argument! ;)


Yes this is true, so it is more likely going ahead, but still - always time to change their mind... and if i recall, it isn't too hard to clear a 'seating area' for a new ride - few people would complain about losing a space to a new ride.

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1 hour ago, themagician said:

I saw that as a really important element (not just for the park) for the city

I disagree, but regardless - if it's that important that the government should fund it, it shouldn't be behind the Dreamworld admission gates. It shouldn't be inside a theme park at all.

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So I went to Dreamworld on Monday. Was very quiet. Rides were pretty much walk on all day.  
but I was rather disappointed in the staff...  I send Dreamworld this:

I visited the park today (Monday 14th October) and I just wanted to let you know some of my observations from today. 

I love Dreamworld, it is one of my favourite parks in Australia. And I make sure to visit whenever I’m in Queensland.  But today I noticed a lot of the staff were rather down and slumpish. 

I, and many other guests love enthusiasm from the ride operators, it adds to to the ride experience. 
But apart from the staff operating Sky Voyager, Tower of Terror, Giant Drop and Buzzsaw. The staff seemed like they didn’t want to be there. 

During the morning, my sister and I were queuing for the MotorCoaster, my sister turned to me and commented on the way the operator was talking to the guests in the queue. Instead of politely asking the guests to move down the line, she was very demanding and monotone, and just being rude to the guests.
Apart from that, the other ride operators just did what they had to do, say what they had to say and left it at that, only a small few (listed above) added their own spark to their job, and that really added to the ride experience, small talk and jokes with the guests are a great way to start, and keeping a smile on your face when in view of the guests also helps. 
I also noticed a lack of speed when it came to ride dispatches. I’m not saying rush. I’m saying, some of the staff took their time doing the safety checks for the rides in between operations, they dragged their feet, no emotion on their faces as if they were waiting to go on break or go home for the day. 

I’m a huge fan of Dreamworld. And absolutely loved the customer service from the shops and cafe workers, but I just wanted to share my experience with some of the Ride Operators from today. 

Please give my praise to the ride operators of Sky Voyager, Buzzsaw, Giant Drop and Tower of Terror, They really made my visit 10x better!!“

The next day, I got a reply. 

“Hey Zachery, thanks for giving us your feedback! It's so important for us to be able to experience the park through our guests' eyes, and to see what they love, and how we can improve. Customer service is a super important part of why our parks are among Australia's most loved attractions, so we'll definitely pass your comments on to our management team for you. We'll also be able to share you positive feedback for some of the staff you encountered during your visit, I'm sure they'll be stoked to have made a positive impact on your visit. If we can assist or clarify at all further, just let us know!”


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