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Trip Report: Kennywood featuring Steel Curtain

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Great trip report Gazza, as always!! Kennywood is on my bucket list of parks to visit, due to its mix of heritage and old time feel and new world thrills!! I am happy to see a trip report from someone that I trust stack up to my expectations!! 

Had to laugh at your description of the Turtle ( old time Tumblebug- made by Traver engineering) I rode the example at Blackpool years ago- it has since been removed. I do believe that there are no more than 2 surviving Tumblebug rides left- the Kennywood example and one at Conneaut Lake Park. There are none left outside of mainland US with the demise of the Pleasure beach example- a tragedy as it was destined to be gifted to Margate park for its reopening but it never occured. Its whereabouts is unknown, most probably scrapped.

Similarly,the Whip is also from the same timeframe and also a rare ride as well. Once again, the only example I have ridden was at Blackpool but it has also since been removed to whereabouts unknown. Examples of both of these rides were found at Sydney's Luna Park until the early 70's.

I would be keen to ride a Bayern Kurve again. I was surprised to see that you hadnt ridden one before- you must have missed the Wizards Fury at Wonderland before they removed it. Again another example of a rare ride being looked after.

Really want to ride one of those Kangaroo rides- there seem to to be quite a few examples of these in the US and from your description, they sound well worth the effort

The coasters look excellent- something for everybody. I am most interested in riding the vintage woodies but also Phantoms Revenge. Its got an interesting backstory and its great to see that from its troubled beginnings, a decent coaster emerged.

What was the atmosphere like at the park? Was it busy the day that you went?

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11 hours ago, Gazza said:

Bayern Kurve
Never done one of these. Again felt similar to a matterhorn, just a fair bit faster, with a chain of cars racing around a circular track. Powered coaster on steroids basically.

I too am surprised you'd never gotten to ride Wizard's fury, although judging by the picture, I feel like Wizard's may have been on a steeper incline?

Probably just my imagination though - Wizard's was built a bit higher off the ground, and unlike Kennywood's example, the inside of the curve was a drop off with nothing inside of it. The headchopper moments through the house were also a plus.

Did they run Bayern Kurve backwards as well as forwards? (Something Wonderland used to do back in the day, but stopped in later years, probably both for safety and efficiency).

A great TR as always Gazza. Wish we got more of those on the boards...

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The ride had suffered severe rust, and was shut down around 2001. It was subsequently removed, and I think Galleon's Graveyard (Captain Caveman's Clippers) was relocated from HBL to the wizard's pad for the final years. Wizard's was directly opposite the wave swinger Dragon's Flight, in the shadow of the Demon.

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We actually have a 'Kangaroo' model over here in Aus, technically a travelling model but only appears once a year at the annual Bell's carnival in Batemans bay (around a 4 hour drive from Sydney). It's definitely worth the trek out, they're fantastic rides and a whole lot of fun. I believe it's 1 of 2 original Bartlett's Flying Coaster units left in the world, with the other being the Kennywood Kangaroo.

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