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Is Ardent about to be taken over????????????????

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Ardent Leisure Group was fast out of the gates on Tuesday morning, after a buyer paid a 20 per cent premium to snap up a 4 per cent stake in the company.

The Ardent Leisure share price is one of the top performers today, it’s up 16%.

Why Is The Ardent Share Price Jumping?

According to reporting by the Australian Financial Review, a large investor has bought 4% of the company at a price 20% higher than where the shares were previously trading.

The trade at $1.20 per share supposedly was handled by UBS and was worth a total of almost $23 million shares.

Who knows why the trade was done at such a large price? Perhaps the buyer will soon be launching a takeover bid? Or maybe an investor simply wanted a piece of Ardent Leisure this week no matter how much it had to pay.

At this higher price I don’t think the Ardent Leisure share price is a buy, but it will be interesting to see if anything happens with this mystery buyer.






A potential takeover or positive news in the near future could explain why such a large trade was done, however the circumstances remain unclear.

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I've got about 1000 Ardent Shares at about what it's trading for now, figured that the new ride late next year will do a lot in bringing the place back. While I'm glad to be back on level pegging I was a bee's dick away from buying more at 90cents but it shot up before got down that far. Explains the mystery gains of the last week because no doubt word got out. Bugger, missed making a lazy $300 by a week and 1 or 2 cents.


Don't think I'll be buying any more at $1.20, although I'm sure who ever bought in intends to make money at that price. Last I saw, Gary is in at $1.24 so that's 2 rich people who think they can make money here. It's also possible that someone has worked out that buying all of Ardent is cheaper than buying DW.


As you can tell I have nothing insightful or interesting to add but am interested in the topic.

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The Financial Review is reporting alarm bells are ringing as Goldman Sachs is set to defend Ardent.  Ardent has engaged Goldman Sachs’ investment bankers to pore over the company’s share register and are seeking to identify who was willing to pay a 20 per cent premium for its shares.  For Ardent to employ Goldman Sachs, defiantly has them concerned.   

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