Arkham Asylum Maintenance 2020

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16 hours ago, joz said:

Police Academy and Gremlins and Batman all closed TO be replaced with something though. Like I'll give you Tunes because it just closed with no idea of a replacement, but if the game is just to list things that have closed, then a full list is on the database.

The problem I have is for the rides or shows that were replaced just aren't as good as the originals, and that's not nostalgia talking.

I wish most of these rides could have stayed and instead they had of just been as Disney put it "plussed" to bring them into the modern world. There was nothing really wrong with BT until the gas line was cut and never fixed. 

Only Scooby was a great replacement. JL comes close but the ride feels too slow with an underwhelming end. If the ride vehicles had of done something more than just move slowly along you'd have a great replacement. Our rides now miss that great build up and anticipation of getting to the actual ride that BT, LT and Batman had and that Disney continues to use to tell the story. 

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1 hour ago, coasterdude44 said:

It's going to reopen, Movie World know how to maintain their rides. That thing has at least ten more years in it

So if it doesn’t re open, are you saying it means Movie World doesn’t know how to maintain its rides?

Cos if you look at WWF barley any effects were working when I went a month ago.

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Seems like we might be nearing the end of our only full sized inverted coaster. I’m actually a big fan of Arkham, just needs a second train to improve the terrible capacity. 

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