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HK DL Castle Construction

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I understand that most of the users on here are Australian (myself included) and could probably care less about HK DL, but as it’s the closest Disney park to Australia, I just thought it’d be interesting to give it a little attention. 

As I’m sure many of you may know, the HK DL castle has been getting transformed into a brand new (and much larger) castle since January 2018. Since then I’ve been following along on updates to it every now and then, and it just baffles me how much better it looks in person than the concept art - of course, that’s subjective to my opinion though. 

Anyway, here is a link to the latest update on it;



Just wanted to know what everyone thinks of it if anything. I think it’s great that HK is getting more originality to it, as its mainstreet, castle and train station was identical to that of DLR. 

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The Main Street Gazette is a great channel for anyone interested in Hong Kong Disneyland, right down to the minutiae. I too have been watching the castle construction intently, waiting for it to be completed (and for the unrest to settle down or come to some form of conclusion) as Hong Kong is a special place for my family, and I can't wait to go back and see this big castle!

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2 hours ago, Pyro said:

I actually really liked HK Disney. Yes its small, but as a day trip it was very nice. Phantom Manor is hands down the best dark ride I have ever been on

You sure it was HKDL you liked and not DLP?

(Phantom Manor is in Paris. You're probably thinking of Mystic Manor... which is, in my opinion and agreeably hands down, the best dark ride i've been on.

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I’ve heard people say that HK DL is one of the best Disney parks, not because of the number of attractions, but because it’s one of quietest and it actually gives you time to enjoy everything. I love that they are properly investing in this park now with a better castle and new lands, I can’t wait to visit it one day 

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