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Clap Trap

Dreamworld's rollercoaster theming?

What theme would you like the new rollercoaster to have?  

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  1. 1. What theme would you like the new rollercoaster to have?

    • Keep it like the animation
    • Gold Rush Country Revival
    • Sky Voyager theme
    • Corroboree theme
    • Something Else (post below).

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G'day all!

Long time lurker first time poster. What does everyone want to see from Dreamworld in terms of themeing for their Blue Fire rollercoaster? Would you like them to stay close to what they showed in the animation or do you have an idea for the ride that you'd like to see created?

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I don't want to see a rebirthed goldrush theme. let that theme alone.

As for extravagant themeing, Anything elaborate will require upkeep which ultimately isn't within the budget of Australian parks. I think nicely landscaped is pretty much the best we can hope for, with a token name, and some station-based pieces to fit.

I'd like to see them try and fit Buzzsaw into that landscaped concept, and tied together to create a new land. Whatever that theme is, i don't care - but goldrush shouldn't come back, and corroborree is too far away to tie it together, so it can't be that either.

Giant Drop and Rocky Hollow are also in need of a tie-in, so those four could anchor the new space... somehow..?

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I'm not even engaging in that conversation. It is my belief and opinion that that theme should be left alone, and I think Dreamworld recognises that well enough too, otherwise there would have been no reason to pull down the goldrush arch and signage.

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