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Top Spin Extreme! Over 100 Flips at Energylandia

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Welcome to Parkz, and thanks for sharing that totally-not-clickbait video from a channel that has the EXACT same name as your Parkz Username!
Just in case you missed it - in the Community Guidelines:





Users may not create threads or posts for the purposes of advertising other websites.

This is regardless of whether or not the website belongs to the user, or whether it could be considered a competing site. This is different to linking to sites for the purposes of promoting stimulating discussions on Parkz. This includes the posting of photographs images which contain excessive graphical references to other websites, as deemed by a staff member.

Users may not create accounts, threads or posts to advertise any company, product or service they are affiliated with.

Users may not register usernames or use words or images in their profile to promote products, brands or websites that they are affiliated with. Members may use brands in their profile to show fondness or affinity, such as the username DisneyFan or a display picture of their favourite park, provided they have no direct affiliation.


Oh, and also in the site 'Registration Terms and Conditions':


Registration Terms

By browsing, registering or posting with Parkz, you agree to the following Terms & Conditions

  • You can only link to off-site content provided you are unaffiliated with the organisation, product, brand, content or website in question.
  • You may not register usernames, use words or images in profile or post comments or messages to promote or endorse products, brands, websites or pages that you are affiliated with.
  • Any user wishing to represent an organisation, product, brand or website must contact us for permission prior to engaging with the Parkz community.


7 hours ago, funtime_arena said:

 I get sick from watching this video

Its a nice clickbait hook description to go along with the video instead of the usual - but in this case, I can't give you any more clicks since you apparently can't read.

<thread reported to admin>

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