Dreamworlds unreliable maintenance schedule

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I have noticed even before COVID-19 that the rides reopening dates at from maintenance at Dreamworld tend to be pushed back further and further from the expected scheduled opening date. Currently BuzzSaw was supposed to reopen late last month before being pushed back to the 7th, 11th, 13th, 16th and now the 20th. MDMC was supposed to reopen on the 9th before being pushed back to the 11th, 13th and now the 15th. The same thing happened to the Play School Wheel. Although those cases may be due to the fact of cost cutting because of COVID-19, other examples such as HWSW, Pipeline Plunge and The Rip’s reopening dates were pushed back before COVID 19 heavily affected the parks. Rides are also usually unexpectedly down for maintenance without any warning. Anybody know the reason why?

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I probably couldn’t tell you why Buzzsaw and Mick Doohans is getting pushed back but with HotWheels and Pipeline Plunge I am going to assume they weren’t ready to reopen just yet and their repaints are going to take a lot more longer than expected hence they have been pushed back.


HWSW probably has been affected the most due to the contractors repainting the ride are also working on Green Lantern at the same time and seeing that started first, their priority is going to go to that and probably don’t have the staff at the moment to complete both projects 🤷🏼‍♂️


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