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Superhero's at Sunway Lagoon- Strange

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Wonderland Sydney's sister park Sunway lagoon in Maylasia is advertising Marvel Super Hero's in the park. What a coinsedence with all the merchandise, costumes and sets Wonderland had.

Superheroes come alive at Sunway Lagoon!!
Your favorite Marvel™ characters are no longer just drawings on paper. Head over to Sunway Lagoon and see them 'live'! Watch in wonder as student turned crime fighter, Spider Man™ spins his web of wonder in the Wild Wild West, World of Adventure and Waters of Africa. With his arachnid-like powers and amazing abilities, you will be enthralled by his agility and speed as he roams around the theme park. There are more huge surprises in store for you at Malaysia's premier theme park. Catch the green giant, the Incredible Hulk™ as he ploughs his way around the park meeting and greeting visitors from all over. Come and meet one of the most powerful men to ever walk the earth! Of course, the fun is never complete without the character from X-Men™ - Wolverine™. Wolverine™ has always been the rebel with his devil-may-care attitude. With his heightened senses and razor-sharp claws, he lives on his own terms. He is the deadliest mutant on the face of the earth. With the good guys, comes the villain - the Green Goblin™. Formidable and resourceful, he will go to great lengths to get rid of Spider Man, his arch-enemy. Will there be a battle at Sunway Lagoon? Come, meet and greet your favourite Marvel characters and have your photographs exclusively taken with them, only at Sunway Lagoon! On top of that, you can now get an assortment of official Marvel merchandise from the retail outlets - backpacks, t-shirts for adults and children, tumblers for the little ones, Frisbees, caps, beach towels, yo-yos and a whole lot more. The introduction of these characters re-emphasizes Sunway Lagoon's commitment to providing fun and world class entertainment to families.
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All the left over merchandise from Wonderland was shipped over to Malaysia. I'm not sure about the costumes and stuff but they would probably have to be altered to fit the Asia people playing the characters (Yes Shifty they are actors not the real thing). "The Bus is now leaving for Hero Passage, Western Australia"

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