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Intamin Concept Rides

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I have mixed feelings about these designs specifically the Ultra Splash and Hot Racers. They have changed them slightly but for the most part are the exact same thing. I feel like Intamin is known for being a super innovative company and these are kinda pathetic/lazy coming from them. Either way I’d be interested in seeing these built and how they compare to there counter parts.

Also I think the Giga splash would be a great fit for dreamworld.

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The giga-splash is a cool concept, especially the ride vehicle and vertical lift. 
i think the height makes it the wrong option for DW, they need a family friendly water ride. 

The hot racer duelling Coaster, especially the multi-launch variety would make a good ride at MW teamed to flash/reverse flash with a red and a yellow train duelling at speed around the track 

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7 minutes ago, Brad2912 said:

The hot racer duelling Coaster, especially the multi-launch variety would make a good ride at MW teamed to flash/reverse flash with a red and a yellow train duelling at speed around the track 

That would be an awesome attraction for MW and perfect to replace AA

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These products seem generally bland and uninspired.

The Giga Splash seems like a modern take on the old Perilous Plunge concept Intamin did in the past, the Ultra Splash is basically identical to a Mack powersplash and the Hot Racer seems like their take on West Coast Racer. I like the idea of a powersplash at DW personally but a family water ride definitely needs to come first.


I personally don’t mind the idea of a Joker themed RMC or one of the new Vekoma inverts that have the new gen track. A large coaster that has inversions is the gap in the park’s lineup when you take out AA. Not to mention you’d have a pretty stellar top 3 not just in Australia but in the entire world. I would have preferred something like Steel Curtain at MW but the likelihood Village deals with S&S again is slim to none. 

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Interesting to see another company creating concepts around the single rail track design. 

I personally don't see really any of these getting off the ground, and if they do it won't become popular with parks. All of these concepts are clearly heavily inspired by other manufacturers. I understand that is how the industry works, but why wouldn't a park just go with the manufacture who originally created the concept and has already proven themselves with that concept?

This is just Intamin throwing shit at the wall and hoping it sticks.

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Isn't the Giga Splash like the now demolished Pilgrims Plunge at Holiday World?

Hot Rails looks cool, but it would want to be significantly cheaper than a normal coaster.

The whole point of the raptor is that the cars straddle a narrow track, so the center of gravity is lower, thus stresses are lower, thus the track and supports are cheaper. But Hot Rails looks more like a normal coaster that's just a teeny bit narrower.

The Ultra Splash is a joke sorry.

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I don't get why everyone is complaining about Intamin doing their take on what are effectively flat-rides.  The Ultra Splash/Power Splash is a flat ride using coaster track.  Intamin's version looks a lot better than Mack's with the unsupported single-rail track.

No one complained when Dreamworld got an Intamin Gyro Swing instead of a Zamperla Frisbee.  Or an Intamin drop tower instead of an S&S one.  In fact, some of the people complaining were suggesting that DW should have replaced the Wipeout - a Vekoma Waikiki Wave Super-flip with the Zamperla knock-off.

If Intamin can put a fun and unique take on a vertical coaster format like Maurer and Premier did, that's a good thing.  If they can find ways to improve the single rail concept, that's great.  If they want to do their own version of a PowerSplash, awesome.  Maybe they'll adapt that single-rail track into other things when it is tried and tested.

As long as the ride experience is good, I don't care who built the ride. And most other people don't either.

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