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Fright Nights Tribute Store

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Despite the Universal Orlando HHN event not running this year, the park decided to still open their event tribute store. If you don’t know what it is, it’s a themed store based around that year’s event and they sell merch, etc.

With Fright Nights not going ahead I’d love to see Movie World do a similar thing. I was thinking the building to the right of Main Street, just before you walk under the roof, would be an ideal location for said store. It could include some pros from last years event or even previous year’s if they still have them. And sell general merch for the event and possibly old merch from previous years. Maybe it could open for the entirety of October. That allows for people to stilol enjoy a small part of the event this year.

@Bikash Randhawa just a possible idea for the park, if it hasn’t already been considered 

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Given how early corona hit and the park closing, I wouldnt be surprised if they hadn't produced anything for this years fright nights yet. 

Doesn't anything left over usually end up at sales? so might be pretty thin on the ground for previous years stuff too. 

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The park would need to have a bigger range of Fright Nights and Halloween/Horror specific merchandise to make it viable. Hasn't there only ever been a small handful of FN related merch each year? 

As a fan of all things spooky, would I love to see it? Absolutely, but I don't want to see it unless they fully commit and provide more than the bare minimum they normally do.

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5 hours ago, themagician said:

This year would have been the events 10th anniversary in the Fright Nights format. Surely they could create some merch to match this and bring in some limited edition stuff from years past 

Sounds like a costly exercise for what is a non-event. 
They’d be better off pretending this test doesn’t exist and doing the 10 year thing next year (though I am sure it’s been going for more than 10 years, I’d swear we are at 11 or 12 years?)

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Universal have these events basically 100% planned more than 12 months in advance so it's quite likely they had merch purchased long before cancellation was an inevitability.

I can't see Movieworld having had this planned. Plus do they even push merch in a big way like they do in the States?

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